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Angie RTHK

Alternative Healing RTHK Radio 3

Extreme Sports ATV Inside Story

Get Your Glow On AroundDB

Anti-aging, Naturally The Standard 

Natural Medicine for Children Kids World

Food for Thought The List's School Guide

Natural Relief for Menstrual Cramps The Standard

Skin Deep The Standard

Eat Smart My Place

Powering Up, Around DB

Wisdom of Ages, The Standard

Save Your Spine, Mama! Sassymama HK

Health Food Foundations, Around DB

Go On, Indulge! Simply Her Magazine

Treating Insomnia with TCM, Global Health and Travel

Facing Fear, TVB Pearl Report

Balancing Hormones Naturally, RTHK3

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Upcoming Events


Every Monday, 7:30pm: Meditation Group Practice by HKIMS

23 Jan, 7pm: Free Introductory Workshop on BodyTalk Access (Cancelled)

26 Jan, 6:15pm: Monday Mindfulness for Beginners

27 Jan, 7pm: First Aid Homeopathy for Family (IMI DB)

29 Jan, 7pm: First Aid Homeopathy for Family (IMI Central)

31 Jan, 2pm: Access Seminar for Teens (Age 12-19)

2 Feb, 6:15pm: Monday Mindfulness for Beginners

7 Feb, 7pm: BodyTalk Access Seminar

To register, please call 2523 7121 / 2537 1087 or email

External event:

23 - 25 Jan: Happy In My Skin - BarreAmped Intensive Weekend at Barre2Barre (Dr Benita Perch will talk about - Women's Health, Diet & Moods from a Natural Health Perspective)