Dr. Kamilla Holst (DC) - Chiropractic Doctor, Certified Life Coach

D.C., Dip. AcupunctureKamilla Holst Chiropractor

IMI Location: Central
Language: English, Danish

Dr. Kamilla Holst (DC) is an experienced Chiropractor who treats adults, children, and infants. She is also a certified Life Coach. Throughout her career Kamilla has treated thousands of patients across Scandinavia, Europe and Hong Kong including royalty, celebrities and World and Olympic Champion athletes.

In additional to treating musculoskeletal symptoms and sport injuries, she specialises in providing holistic treatments to pregnant women and their newborn babies. Kamilla specifically helps women by reducing labour time, alleviating aches and pains and providing a supportive space to discuss fears and concerns around pregnancy and motherhood.

She uses diversified technique combined with myofascial trigger point massage and focuses on body/mind balance.

Kamilla is the author of The Fear Bucket List and a regular contributor to health, wellness and parenting publications such as Huffington Post & Playtimes Magazine.