Conventional Medicine & GP

At IMI, whilst our focus is on natural medicine and restoring the natural healing powers of the body, we recognize that conventional (Western) medicine does have its place. Conventional medicine methods and testing is particularly useful in diagnosis, as well as to treat common acute illness in general family medicine. Another advantage is that many clients may take advantage of their health insurance coverage. This can be used for the medical visit and lab tests. Our doctor can also provide referrals to our other practitioners if it is an insurance requirement.

GPWe have a M.D. on the IMI team, Dr. Emily Wong (MD).

Medical Doctor Consultation for Insurance or Lab Test Referral

This mini-consultation enables you to obtain insurance reimbursement for any laboratory tests, provided these are covered by your insurance policy. Some of our other practitioners may refer you to Dr Wong for this service.


We provide a range of simple and comprehensive laboratory tests for blood, urine, stool, digestive issues, and hair mineral analysis.

Our practitioners will recommend specific testing for your particular health needs. In addition, we also offer the standard health checks.

Comprehensive Health Checkups and Registered Laboratory Testing

At IMI, we offer a wide range of diagnostic laboratory testing:

General Health

  • Various lab tests for individual health concerns
  • Prices vary depending on areas of concern

Well Woman – A Comprehensive Lab Panel for Women Over 45

  • Comprehensive check-up, including hormone, coronary risk, and cancer markers

Well Man - A Comprehensive Lab Panel for Men Over 45

  • Comprehensive check-up including hormone, coronary risk, and cancer markers

Heavy Metals Test (Urine/Hair)

  • Non-invasive and painless way to measure various levels of minerals and toxins in the body tissues

IgG Food Allergy Test

  • Simple blood spot test to determine specific food intolerances or sensitivity. One of our allergy tests also includes Candida albicans antibody reactions.

IgE South China Allergy Profile

  • Blood test for airborne allergies, dust, mould, and local pollens, as well as nuts, eggs, and some other common allergies

Anti-Ageing Profiles For Hormones

  • Salivary or blood test for hormone levels
  • We also perform a predictive test for oestrogen-related breast cancer risks

Organic Acid Urine Test

  • This urine test can determine if your metabolism needs more B complex, minerals, antioxidants, or detox support. This comprehensive test also establishes yeast and bacterial infections in the intestines, which helpful in diagnosing Candida albicans.

Stool and Digestive Analysis

  • Our stool testing is done by Doctors Data in the U.S., which provides greater accuracy in diagnosing parasites, Candida, and other bacterial infections in the bowel.
  • Tests for digestion and for "leaky gut" are also performed