Hypnotherapy or therapeutic hypnosis combines the access to unconscious mental processes, obtained through the hypnotic state, and the possibility to take action on those processes while the person is in this modified state of consciousness. This method is particularly interesting as it is a brief therapy: the person only needs a limited number of sessions before he/she can start to feel the effect of the intervention, which is not the case in most other types of therapy. It is possible to treat light to moderate psychological issues without a deep root cause in less than 5 sessions. For moderate to more severe issues or to treat problems that have been with the person most of their life, they may consider to spend at least 5-10 sessions.

Hypnotherapy is particularly useful to treat anxiety-related issues, stress, stuttering, tobacco addiction, some phobias, weight loss, migraines, trauma, as well as to treat lack of confidence, and assist in exam preparation and important decision-making.

Any problem involving a person’s mind or emotions can be relieved through hypnotherapy. However, physical impairment is not an indication for hypnotherapy, except as a psychological support method when combined with a medical approach.