Jonathan Vallade

Osteopath, Sports Massage Therapist

Master’s Degree in Osteopathy, H.Dip (Phys ED & sport), Member HKOA


Jonathan Vallade

Osteopath, Sports Massage Therapist

Master’s Degree in Osteopathy, H.Dip (Phys ED & sport), Member HKOA

Areas of expertise

  • Improving functional mobility
  • Acute and chronic neck, shoulder, back, chest, upper and lower limb pain
  • Inflammation and nerve pain
  • Sports injuries
  • Functional issues caused by bone misalignment and muscle problems, such as stress, insomnia, migraines & headaches, whiplash, digestive disorders
  • Postural problems, personalised and targeted exercise plans

“Every human has a story. I dedicate time and patience with each patient to ensure a holistic understanding of the root cause of their suffering, and how to address and prevent it from reoccurring.”

Jonathan Vallade is a talented osteopath with a great passion for what he does. His extensive knowledge of anatomy and movement reflects strongly in his work. Jonathan is a member of Hong Kong Osteopathic Association.

Born and raised in France, Jonathan is the son of a Yoga master and he grew up learning that good health comes from the unity of mind, body and soul. As a physically active child, Jonathan practiced martial arts from a young age. For a time, he was a member of the Kung Fu Wushu National French team, participating in high-level competitions and winning multiple gold medals. His desire to understand how to prevent injury – and to recover quickly from injury (when prevention isn’t always possible) – led Jonathan to complete a 5-year master’s degree program in Osteopathy from the European Centre of Osteopathy Higher Education, recognised by the French Ministry of Health and the EU. He also holds an Inter-University Diploma of Anatomy as well as various complementary therapeutic therapies: Shiatsu, Tibetan massage, sports massage and fascia therapy. In parallel, Jonathan successfully obtained the French High National Diploma in Physical Education and Sport, providing him with a well-rounded, holistic understanding of the human anatomy and body performance. Jonathan worked as an independent osteopathic practitioner in France for 5 years before joining IMI in 2016.

Jonathan treats a wide variety of patients of all ages and complaints – from sporting injuries, musculoskeletal and nerve pain problems through to reflux digestive disorders and migraines. His many complementary qualifications combined with his background as a professional physical trainer, enables Jonathan to provide the most effective treatment for each patient. This can involve a tailored pain management plan or a personalised exercise plan; helping patients heal faster and ensure long-term recovery. Jonathan offers targeted stretching, skilled sports and therapeutic massage, joint manipulation, trigger point release techniques, fascia and visceral mobilization and craniosacral therapy.

Jonathan continues to deepen his practice in martial arts (Boxing, Brazilian Jujitsu and Wing Tsun) and expanding his therapeutic healing techniques. Recently, he has developed a strong interest for yoga teaching, which has led him to regularly deliver anatomy classes to certified local yoga practitioners.

Languages: English, French


Jonathan Vallade – Ostéopathe

Jonathan Vallade est un Ostéopathe français membre de la Hong Kong Osteopathic Association.
Avant d’intégrer IMI, il a travaillé en tant que praticien libéral en France dès 2011.

Il propose un traitement ostéopathique pour adultes et enfants, sportifs amateurs et athlètes.

Il prend en charge notamment les problématiques suivantes :

  • Les troubles musculo squelettiques : les douleurs aiguës et chroniques du cou, des épaules, du dos, du thorax, des membres supérieurs et inférieurs
  • Les inflammations de type tendinopathie et fasciite
  • Les troubles neurologiques : sciatique, cruralgie, névralgie cervico brachiale (NCB)
  • Les blessures sportives : traumatismes de type entorse, tendinopathies liées au sport
  • Les migraines d’origine mécanique, les migraines cataméniales et les céphalées
  • Les troubles digestifs comme la constipation et les reflux
  • Le stress, les troubles du sommeil et les whiplash
  • La posture et les problèmes d’ergonomie

Jonathan privilégie autant qu’il le peut une approche en douceur pour le patient, incluant manipulations, massage et étirements, relâchement des points gâchettes, techniques fasciales, viscérales et cranio sacrées.

« Je prends le temps d’expliquer à mes patients l’origine de leur souffrance, pour qu’il la comprenne afin mieux la traiter et d’éviter qu’elle ne se manifeste à nouveau »

Jonathan est qualifié (Diplômé d’état jeunesse et sport) pour entrainer et préparer physiquement aussi bien le grand public que les sportifs de haut niveau, en cours particuliers et collectifs. Son expérience lui permet de proposer des programmes d’exercices personnalisés pour aider ses patients à retrouver une santé aussi rapidement que possible et de la maintenir sur le long terme.

Sa passion des arts martiaux et du corps humain lui ont permis de voyager et de découvrir de nombreuses cultures. Ses 20 ans de pratique du Kung Fu et du Tai chi dont 15 en compétitions (5 en Equipe de France), lui ont permis de développer et partager de nombreuses valeurs dont le respect, l’humilité et la sincérité.

Langues: Français, Anglais

Want to see Jonathan?

To make a booking, please call 2523 7121 or submit a booking request below.

Popular articles and interviews:

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Jonathans’s Methods:

  • Osteopathy—manual, visceral and craniosacral therapy
  • Qualified physical trainer
  • Sports therapist (specialist in martial arts, boxing, Brazilian Jujitsu, fitness, weightlifting, cross fit, yoga)
  • Skilled sports massage
  • Targeted exercise plans
  • Pain management without drugs


Jonathan has been a great help to me as a professional athlete. He is a great practitioner, passionate about his profession, and always doing his best to help his patients beyond expectations. More personally, his expertise about martial arts has been very useful to his understanding of my activity. I highly recommend his services.”
Marc Guyon, professional MMA Fighter and coach

I had my first vertigo a while back and it was a very uncomfortable and a bit scary experience. I went to see Jonathan right away and he was able to pinpoint the issue and fix it with explanation of what to do if the issue comes back in the future. Besides he’s very knowledgeable, his treatment is very firm but gentle, his genuine care makes a huge difference to my overall experience.”
Chaukei Ngai, professional Yoga teacher  

Jonathan has helped me with severe and recurring back and neck pain. I had seen many physiotherapists for the past 3 years with no results. Jonathan has spent time to create a personalised 10-minute programme to strengthen my back and neck muscles and improve my sitting position (I sit in front of a computer 10 hours a day). In addition he made some relevant suggestions and recommended I consult a naturopath from IMI to make a few minor adjustments to my diet (probiotics, etc.) I must say that this made a real impact in my daily life and I am very grateful to Jonathan for the excellent care and proactive follow-ups I have gotten here.”
Carine S. mother and busy office worker  

I have been really pleased with my experience with Jonathan so far. I find his approach really human and easy to understand for someone like me that is not really knowledgeable in terms of anatomy and medical conditions in general. I play rugby so I also appreciate his sport background which gives me comfort that he will understand my needs, especially in terms of follow up exercise to be performed with consultations. I highly recommend Jonathan, especially for anyone with sport related issues.”
Valentin. B, competitive Rugby player and busy office worker  

I have been using Jonathan osteopathic care since I arrived in Hong Kong. I had a herniated disk and a very limited mobility of the hip, the shoulder, lower back tension and chronic pain. Despite my doctors advice I decided to keep my brazilian jiujitsu training and working with Jonathan on fixing all those issues. Today I am almost pain free, recovered my hip mobility and overall flexibility and come to see Jonathan for routine check and fix once in a while. I compete, teach and train every day and I owe all this to Jonathan skill and selfless care for his patients. He always finds time for me and I would recommend him to anyone. He will not only treat you but guide you through your recovery path taking into account your life style. Thank you, Jonathan!!!!!
Marc Chambaud, professional Brazilian Juijitsu coach

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