Practitioner Recommendations: Vitamins and Minerals

Our practitioners recommend the following products:

C Complete powder (81g)

This is a unique and gentle powdered Vitamin C formula with high levels of food state citrus flavonoids and phenolics. FoodState® vitamin C paired with mineral ascorbates for optimal absorption. Great tasting formula that is gentle on the stomach non acidic vitamin C.

Phenolic rich food blend high in antioxidants and bioflavonoids along with the vitamin C make this the perfect supplement to detox the daily high chemical load we intake here in polluted Hong Kong. Take a drink in the afternoon, it perks you up, and may help you overcome that coffee or sugar hit!

B-Complex (120 Capsules)

This active B vitamins high potency daily formula has rapidly become one of IMI’s best sellers owing to a commonly found DNA problem, which is corrected with the “methyl” form of B9 (Folate) and B12. The vitamin B6 is also in an activated form that overcomes another common genetic flaw. These forms of B vitamins are only found in pharmaceutical grade B vitamins. They have much more powerful effects on nerve function with benefits on moods and concentration.

Complete Multi Powder with CoQ10 (195g)

If you already have a breakfast drink on your menu, adding a scoop of Complete Multi Powder w/CoQ10 boosts it to supreme nutritional power. FoodState® antioxidant vitamins, which are more complex and effective than the synthetic antioxidant vitamins. Contains bio-activated forms of the B vitamins, and chelated forms of the minerals all assisting the absorption and functional benefits of these nutrients.

Contains 200 mg of arabinogalactan, which feeds into the immune system. High level of zinc makes it a sound choice for immune support. Additionally there is 50 mg of Co Q 10 for the anti-aging benefits.


These products are available at our clinics in Central and Discovery Bay, or on our Online Dispensary