Galit Cohen Nagar - Reflexologist, Japanese Acupuncturist


Dip.AC, Dip.Reflexology

IMI Locations: Central, Discovery Bay

Languages: English, Hebrew

Galit is a Japanese Acupunturist and Reflexologist from Israel. She has over 18 years experience and once practiced in Nanjing University of Traditional Chinese Medicine in China. After practicing Chinese Medicine for over eight years, Galit studied the "Kiiko Matsumoto" method of Japanese Acupuncture. This style works on structural imbalances, indicating areas of strength, weakness and energetic blocks. Shallow needle insertion leaves no pain during treatment and provides quick results.

Galit's unique, holistic treatment includes Japanese Acupuncture, Reflexology, lifestyle and diet advice.

€œ"Aside from understanding the mechanism of the body, the good function of the musculoskeletal system and inner organs, it is very important for me to take a holistic approach to see how the body and mind work together," explains Galit.

"€It is through dysfunction of the body we can further understand and allow for a long-lasting and deeper change. I believe that every dysfunction is a sign of something else beyond a local problem. Together we try to understand those signs starting with the physical relief, then working toward the deeper change."€

Galit provides treatment to adults, children and babies and specializes in treatments of conditions ranging from:

  • imbalances, muscle and joint pain
  • illness prevention, immunity support
  • women's health, fertility and menopause issues
  • men and women hormonal issues
  • digestion problems
  • emotional concerns
  • children's health

Before moving to Hong Kong in 2015, she ran her own private clinic and practiced at Reut, a rehabilitation hospital in Israel, and also practiced in an integrated medicine clinic. For seven years, she was a senior lecturer at Medicine College, one of the major alternative medicine colleges in Israel, teaching Reflexology.

Galit has three children and enjoys cooking, baking, and meditation.

To make an appointment with Galit, please call 2523 7121 (Central), 2537 1087 (Discovery Bay).