Kerri Gunthorpe - Family and Relationship Counsellor (Visiting Practitioner)

Kerri Gunthorpe

Dip: Counselling & Communication, Hong Kong Accred Family Mediator, Level 2 Gottman Relationship Therapist


Australian-born Kerri is passionate in helping those in relationship conflict and supporting families with a diverse range of techniques. “I absolutely love my work and I feel very privileged when couples and families allow me into their personal lives, where working as a team we have the opportunity to create change and where the future can then offer hope,” says Kerri.

She gained a vast experience in family dynamics very early in her life, having grown up in a family of seven, as the youngest member in the household. Once her three children were on their way to adulthood, she decided to use some of those lessons to explore her passion.

Studying Counselling and Communication through the Australian College of Applied Psychology, she earned a majority of distinctions while gaining her diploma in 2006. “I was able to draw on a lot of personal experience through my family of origin,” explains Kerri.

Kerri furthered her studies in Family Mediation and Counselling for individuals and couples, and spent 5 years mediating with families as a registered Attorney General’s Family Dispute Practitioner in Australia, before she moved back to Hong Kong in 2013.

“I have observed many couples who literally living parallel lives, neither one ever truly happy. I have watched couples go separate ways, but with the appropriate support, they may have stayed together. I have also seen people remain caught in long-term relationship toxicity. Worst of all, I have witnessed far too often the fallout all this has on the innocent children.”

“In regard to the couples I work with, regardless of if they remain together or separate, I hope they will be able to reflect and know they gave their marriage their best shot. The families where children are involved, I’d like to believe that one day when I am walking down the street I will pass a child whose parents had the courage to seek support and, just maybe, I played a part in ensuring this child had a future with two parents to love regardless of whether the parents remained together or apart.”

Kerri has recently gained Level 2 Gottman Relationship therapist qualification and will be attending training based on the Imago Relationship method.

Kerri lives in DB with her husband and her two dogs, Will & Grace.