Clinical detox

Our nourishing naturopathic detox programme

Create an at-home detox retreat or continue to work as you detox. Formerly known as IMI’s 10-day detox for busy people, our naturopathic detox programme is designed to maintain your energy levels and nourish your system with the right nutrients so that you can continue to work, play and take care of family as you detox. Or why not take a detox staycation, rest and retreat if you can?

Why detox?

Our body is masterfully designed to self-regulate and heal. It is eliminating and detoxifying unwanted substances every day but it was not designed to deal with all the man-made chemicals now present in our homes, food and environment.

Prolonged exposure to toxic pollutants can place a heavy burden on our body, compromising its normal function. This total chemical load is escalated if our DNA lacks the genes that enable our body to produce detoxification enzymes. Around 40% of us have this defect.

Signs of toxicity

Common signs include skin complaints, digestive problems, headaches, joint and muscle pain, weakened immunity, weight gain and low energy levels. If you are suffering from any – or many – of these symptoms, you should consider our naturopathic detox program to reduce the chemical load in your body.

The classic fasts and juice cleanses that have been so popular in the past do not work effectively to remove modern-day toxins from our body. Your liver needs specific nutrients and support to properly detoxify the poisons released from your body fat, tissues and organs. These nutrients – mostly amino acids – help your body produce detoxing enzymes like glutathione and sulfation enzymes.

Many of the fasting programs that only allow you to have juices or water deplete your body of these important nutrients and enzymes. Unless you have a low level of pollutants in your cells, these programs may do more harm than good. We call people who suffer adverse effects from these programmes “spa victims” and we regularly see them in our clinic.

Finding a safe and effective program – one that works at a deeper level – is important. IMI’s Clinical Detox programme is designed and run by experienced naturopaths who truly understand how the liver and other key organs as well as your DNA and metabolism need to be cared for and nourished to detoxify properly.

We tailor our detox program to meet your specific requirements to provide targeted support for your system.  Our program has significant advantages over typical cleansing and fasting programs because it provides the amino acids and phytonutrients that allow the biochemistry of detoxification to be upregulated.

The program is also designed to support genuine detoxification at a deeper level. Essential nutrients, medical food, potent herbal medicines, high quality supplements for liver and bowel cleansing, and homeopathic remedies are included to stimulate the detoxification process and safely remove toxins from the body.

With proper detoxification you will experience less side effects. Our naturopaths can also monitor you during your detox and modify it as necessary to minimize and manage side effects such as fatigue or headaches.

The most common outcomes of the IMI 10 Day Detox Program are rejuvenation, weight loss, a clearer mind, improved digestion, and better responses to healing treatment programs.

What to do next

IMI’s Clinical Detox program is designed by IMI’s Founding Director Graeme Bradshaw, who has over 25 years of experience in detoxification and truly understands how to care for the liver and metabolism. It is run and supervised by Graeme and naturopath Tej BG who is also one of IMI’s experienced senior naturopaths and partners.

To find out more about our detox program or to make an appointment to see Graeme Bradshaw or Tej, call 2523 7121 or submit the enquiry e-form below.