Introducing Sports Massage at IMI

Relax, recharge and release the tensions of your muscles and enjoy the benefits and beyond.

IMI welcomes our new Sports Massage Therapist, Quinta Ho. She specializes in post work-out or sports muscle strain, headaches, neck and shoulder pain. Quinta works with clients to alleviate emotional stress and reduce muscle tension resulting from daily activities. Sports massage helps alleviate the stress and tension that builds up in your body’s soft tissues during physical activity. Some of the benefits of a sports massage are: Increased flexibility, pain reduction, better sleep, and speeds up recovery. To see how Quinta can help you, click here.

For a limited time, we would like to offer an exclusive 50% discount on Quinta’s sports massage treatments to our valued IMI customers. Valid until 31 Dec 2021. Quinta is available on Tuesdays from 2pm-6pm & Wednesdays from 9am-1pm.

Don’t miss the chance and sign up from the below.

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