How TCM supports deeper trauma healing and rebalances your nervous and endocrine system

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), how you feel about yourself and relate to your universe are relationships mirrored within you. Your emotional, physical and mental states are interrelated – they form an organic whole; and your internal organs and systems – each with their own unique function –are interconnected....

When trauma leads to infertility, and infertility leads to trauma

Michelle and her husband had been struggling to conceive a baby since their wedding three years ago. The longing for a child; the grief of pregnancy loss; the fertility treatments and tests; the pressure from family; the belief she was doing something wrong and more had taken a heavy toll...

Struggling to conceive? How osteopathy can improve fertility

Did you know that osteopathy can help with fertility? Safe, gentle and entirely natural, osteopathy has been proven to help treat the root causes of infertility. In fact, scientific studies show that women have gone on to conceive within months of their last osteopathic treatment session and deliver at full-term....

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