IMI Anti-aging Programme

Live longer and healthier

Real anti-aging can’t be found in a cream.

Done correctly, anti-aging reduces the age of your brain, skin and all organs so you can live healthier for longer.

A personalised programme to reverse your biological clock

Did you know you can measure, and reverse, how fast your body ages?

Naturopath and founding director Graeme Bradshaw has curated a comprehensive yearlong anti-aging program. Each step will be personalised based on your goals and test results.


Tests will look at your biological age, any risk factors for diseases, gut health, and genetic factors which influence aging.

Creating a treatment plan

Graeme will use data from your test results in tandem with the goals you set to find the right course of treatment for you.

Your nutritional regimen will be tailored to your genetics. A plan for exercise will be established, ensuring that it’s enjoyable and attainable so you can remain consistent.

As directed by test results, your gut health will be rebalanced and levels of good bacteria in your gut replenished.

Your treatment plan will include clinical grade supplements and herbs, as well as nutritional peptides to stimulate stem cell activation, which can help delay and reverse the aging process.

Infrared and light therapy will also be included, to rejuvenate skin health.

Your treatment plan may also involve detoxification as this helps reduce oxidative stress, a key factor in aging.

Your treatment plan won’t tackle all these areas at once – you will add things to your regimen bit by bit so each stage feels manageable.

Measuring results

You’ll define measurable results with Graeme and check in 3 months on from the start of your treatment.

After these 3 months, you should notice the difference in your physical and mental wellbeing. You might notice that you have better mental clarity, more energy and improved fat to muscle ratio.

After one year, we’ll run another set of tests to confirm your progress.

Your free consultation

Claim your free consultation with Graeme Bradshaw. You’ll spend an hour discussing your anti-aging goals and exploring the right treatment route for you.

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