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How TCM supports deeper trauma healing and rebalances your nervous and endocrine system

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), how you feel about yourself and relate to your universe are relationships mirrored within you. Your emotional, physical and mental states are interrelated – they form an organic whole; and your internal organs and...

G-NiiB probiotics – world’s first microbiome-based immunity formulas now available at IMI

Chinese University of Hong Kong scientists create G-NiiB formula after research shows good gut bacteria can reduce the severity of COVID-19 and likelihood of long COVID and may enhance immune antibody response to COVID vaccinations. HONG KONG, Feb. 15, 2022...

Is the need to be in control causing you anxiety?

Are you struggling with anxiety caused by the need to control everything around you? IMI Psychotherapist and Clinical Social worker Ilissa Howard help you look at where your need for control comes from, what it means to you, how it's impacting your life, and what small steps can be taken to ultimately make a bigger change and free you up to enjoy and experience more in life.

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