Health and Wellness Articles from IMI

First aid: homeopathy for the home

Injuries occur when we least expect it! That’s why every household, especially those with children, should have a first aid kit. We have put together the most essential homeopathic remedies – they are safe, natural, and effective remedies the whole...

Superfoods super charge your life

Superfoods pack a ‘punch’ in your nutrition stakes! In our busy lifestyles, adding a few superfoods to your diet, whether in a smoothie, protein drink or snack bar, can be a convenient way to ‘power-up’ and make sure that you...

Confinement soup

Confinement is the traditional care given to mothers after the birth of a baby. Part of this care is the preparation of nutritious soups with ingredients that promote healing, increase milk production, and prevent problems that typically occur after childbirth....

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