Meet our bodyworkers

Whether caused by work, stress, or sports, our osteopaths, chiropractors and sports massage therapists are here to help you get back to what you love, pain-free.

Why Kim Kardashian’s Met Gala crash diet isn’t a safe way to lose weight

IMI Nutritional therapist Katia Demekhina explains why crash dieting won’t help you lose weight and how to achieve weight loss safely without sacrificing your wellbeing.

Your health, online

Our telehealth services ensure that no matter where you are in the world, you can always receive quality healthcare.

The Natural Health and Wellness Glossary

The IMI Glossary offers you a brief description of every natural health treatment, therapy, and qualified professional available to you at IMI, so you can take charge of your health and wellbeing.

Give a healing gift this Christmas

As we bid farewell to 2021 and prepare to welcome 2022 with new energy, guidance and protection we have selected special energy products for you from our collection.

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