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What’s in the little white balls? Homeopathy explained

You may have heard of Homeopathy as an alternative medicine, but did you know that, according to the World Health Organization (WHO), over five hundred million people use homeopathy around the world? Did you also know that Homeopathy is established in the national health care systems in England, France and...

What does your gut say? Don’t guess, test.

Our approach at IMI is to determine the exact causes of your gut issues. To do this, our naturopaths may recommend industry-leading tests that will pinpoint the reasons you’re struggling. Here’s a snapshot of the main tests that have helped our naturopaths heal a myriad gut challenges. Comprehensive stool analysis:...

Do you know your friendly bacteria?

The value of probiotics became clear at the beginning of the 20th century when Nobel prize winner, Dr Elie Metchnikoff studied peasants who lived longer. He noted that their diets included natural probiotics foods like fermented yoghurt. He found there was a link between longevity and the natural probiotic bacteria...

Food intolerances in adults

From a naturopath’s point of view, the gut is considered the cause of many health issues, not just those related to digestion. Naturopath and homeopath Graeme Bradshaw explains why your health issues may be caused by your gut and how to get tested and address to your gut problems.

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