Back Pain

Around 60-90% of the working adults in Hong Kong will experience lower back pain at some time during their lives, making it the second most common workplace-related illness in the city.1

Long hours of sedentary work coupled with injuries caused by after work exercise leave many office workers with persistent and recurrent pain.

Fortunately help is at hand if you are one of the six to eight out of every ten people who experience back pain every year. Our team of osteopaths and chiropractors at IMI can offer effective relief and treatment.

1 Cheng et al Evidence-based guideline on prevention and management of lower back pain in working population in primary care, The Hong Kong Practitioner 2012;34:106-115

People who suffer from back pain often experience muscle aches and shooting or stabbing pains. Sometimes the pain radiates down their legs and/or worsens with movement. This usually resolves with rest, self-care and home treatment.

IMI’s osteopaths and chiropractors can expedite this process with treatment focused on relieving tension in the affected areas. They can often leave you feeling even better than before your back pain started!

Importantly, they can help you learn how to prevent your back pain from recurring by teaching you how they occurred and how to protect yourself from further injury.

In rare cases, your back pain may be accompanied by fever, or cause new bladder or bowel issues. If this is the case, you should see a healthcare professional for further investigation.

The osteopaths and chiropractors at IMI can treat your back pain effectively and give you advice on how to prevent it from recurring in the future.

Acupuncture along with cupping can offer a whole body solution if stress and a heavy workload are contributing to recurrent back problems. Some complementary therapies such as Bowen or Cranio-sacral therapy may also offer support.

What to Do Next

We suggest you start by booking a consultation with an osteopath or chiropractor.  Acupuncture, craniosacral therapy or bowen therapy may also offer relief. Call 2523 7121 or fill in the below enquiry e-form to make an appointment.

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