"Be Your Best" Weight management programme

Led by naturopathic physician Dr Ardyce Yik

Tired of being overweight? Want to lose belly fat? Tried lots of diets without success?

The “Be Your Best” programme is an all new weight loss approach that surpasses other weight loss diets and diet plans on the market. This one-month programme provides a daily menu plan and clinically proven dietary supplements to help you control appetite, minimise food cravings and stabilise blood sugar levels. Dr Ardyce Yik ND, who supervises this programme, will work with you to address the underlying health conditions that prevent weight loss, coach you throughout the programme and even help you tackle that stubborn belly fat!

This 4-week* medically-supervised programme offers:

  • Supervision by a fully-licensed naturopathic doctor to address underlying issues affecting weight and to monitor weight loss progress
  • A realistic, easy-to-follow plan to help you lose 5 to 15 pounds per month
  • Clinically proven food supplements that help to control appetite and stabilise blood sugar levels
  • Regular monitoring of the body’s state to ensure organs are functioning optimally during the process
  • Assessment and correction of underlying medical conditions that may be causing weight gain
  • Assessment and correction of nutritional deficiencies which may contribute to food cravings
  • Assessment and restoration of psychological and emotional health (e.g. emotions such as anger or stress that you may be expressing or hiding with food)
  • Health tips to help you keep the weight off for good.

*Some patients may want to extend the program to 8 weeks or longer to suit their needs.

This is the ultimate programme for a healthier and lighter you
– so you can look your best and be your best!

Who is Dr Ardyce Yik?

Dr Ardyce Yik is a registered naturopathic doctor who has helped countless people manage their weight and reach optimal health by addressing the root causes of weight gain. Whole patient wellness and disease prevention form the core of her practice. Besides maintaining a family practice, she also writes for various media and has appeared as a naturopathic medical expert on Bloomberg Television.

What others are saying about how Dr Ardyce Yik helped them lose weight:

“I was 204 lbs, I didn’t like exercise, wouldn’t eat vegetables, ate lots of comfort food, wasn’t sleeping, couldn’t swallow capsules, was irritable and knew I had to do something. So I went to see Dr Yik on a friend’s recommendation. In just over 4 months I lost 25 lbs, I now go walking almost every day, I still don’t eat vegetables (or swallow capsules!), I only eat comfort food occasionally, and I am sleeping a little better. I am feeling better in myself and about myself. I look better, I am fitter and have a more positive attitude than I have had for a long time. Dr Yik said I would be a challenge and I was, but she never tried to tell me to do something she knew I wouldn’t do. She just encouraged me and took a holistic approach to things. What I like about Dr Yik is that she is very flexible. She fitted the treatment around my idiosyncracies and foibles.” – J.T., Lawyer

“I contacted IMI after many months of feeling unwell and despite a number of visits to my general practitioner I was offered no solution to my fatigue, weight gain or aching joints and muscles. In 2010 I had already been diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. From that point on I struggled with my health and had recurring severe migraines, poor sleep pattern and difficulty maintaining a comfortable body temperature. In my very first consultation with Dr Yik I felt that here was someone who was actually interested in helping me achieve optimal health. My weight gain really concerned me. I had continued to gain weight despite daily yoga, swimming and running and a strict vegetarian diet. From the first week of some simple dietary changes which included no wheat, dairy or eggs, and a tailored herbal mixture, I not only began to feel better but I also started to lose weight. Now four months later I am sleeping better, I’m totally pain free, I have lost 9kgs and I am still losing weight each week. I look fit and healthy and more importantly I feel fantastic. Dr Yik has been incredibly supportive through this process and took the time to understand my concerns and work collaboratively to resolve my health issues.” – G. Ileris

“After enduring all sorts of digestive problems for years due to atrocious eating habits not to mention being 25 pounds overweight and out of shape, I was fed up and vowed to myself to get healthy once and for all. Joining IMI’s weight loss program helped put me on the right track and over the course of three months I learned to honour and take care of my body through better food choices, eating smaller portions more often, and exercising regularly – all of which are now part and parcel of my everyday life. To my amazement, my digestive issues resolved themselves and I shed all the extra weight too. I can’t remember the last time I felt so strong and energetic and I’m well on my way to being in top form – in mind, body and spirit. Not only have I been told I look 10 years younger, I truly feel it! I have to say this was the best gift I could give myself. Thanks to Dr Yik for her support throughout my journey to wellness.” – D. Narain, Professional Writer

“In my mid-40s, I was diagnosed with fatty liver, a condition that can lead to hepatitis and cirrhosis. Besides giving me natural medicine to treat fatty liver, Dr Yik advised me that losing some weight can help reverse my liver problem. The diet plan was realistic, I didn’t skip meals, I didn’t feel hungry and I felt good that I was doing something to improve my health. She helped me shed some pounds, especially around my tummy region. Six months later, at a follow-up visit, the medical specialist was amazed that the fatty liver condition was gone. I was amazed at how healthy I became and how much younger I looked!” – Yiu Kee, Consultant

“I went to see Dr Yik for Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, a condition I’ve endured since my late adolescence with little to no relief from the symptoms I was experiencing. At that time, I was overweight at 190 pounds, I was suffering from hirsutism (excessive hair growth), my menstrual cycle was erratic and nearly absent and although I was in good spirits I was also struggling with depression (a common trait of this condition). Dr Yik’s treatment offered insight, help and relief to each of the symptoms I was experiencing. She advised me of dietary recommendations and offered supplements to assist with stagnation, ovulation, menstruation and unwanted hair growth. I am elated to reveal one year later that I’ve lost over 40 pounds and have seen tremendous improvement in my menstrual cycle. The unsightly and unwanted hair growth has diminished significantly and my diet, health and well-being have never been better. I am very pleased with the results of my experience and especially grateful to Dr. Yik for her support, compassion and naturopathic expertise.” – D.G.

Frequently asked questions:

Who should join this programme?

  • Anyone who wants to lose 5 to 15 pounds of weight (those wanting to lose more weight can extend the program to 8 weeks or longer as needed)
  • Anyone who has tried other weight loss methods (e.g. diet plans, over-the-counter diet pills, skipping meals) without success and wants to address the underlying causes of weight gain
  • Anyone who wants a healthier physique and improved self-confidence
  • Anyone who has high cholesterol, type II diabetes, fatty liver, polycystic ovarian syndrome and other conditions associated with obesity

How much weight should I expect to lose on this programme?

Healthy weight loss is losing 1 to 2 pounds per week, i.e. up to 8 pounds in one month. However, some people have been able to lose up to 15 pounds in one month. We do not encourage weight loss of over 15 pounds in one month since rapid weight loss may increase the risk of gallstones, gallbladder attacks and other health ailments.

Will I feel tired or feel hungry during the day?

The “BYB” program is designed to include medical foods and supplements which supply energy and help control appetite. You are allowed to eat nutrient-dense (delicious!) wholesome foods on the program. Though you may feel hungry for the first few days due to altered food portions, continuously taking the products will help your body stay fueled and energised. One particular product used in “BYB” has been clinically proven to reduce appetite comfortably and safely (keep you fuller for a longer period of time), reduce hypoglycemic food cravings, normalize after-meal glucose and insulin levels as well as metabolic rate and improve cholesterol levels.

Will I gain weight after the programme?

During your private consultations, Dr Yik will teach you how to keep the weight off permanently using nutrition and healthy lifestyle principles.

Eat your best, look your best, feel your best!

Sign up for the “Be Your Best” programme today!

What to do next

To book an appointment with Dr. Ardyce Yik (ND), please call 2523 7121 or submit the enquiry e-form below.

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