Biological age tests

What is the true age of your body and its cells?

We think of age as chronological, increasing each year since our date of birth, but our bodies may tell a different story. Knowing your biological age is key to your health, can help determine risk factors for age-related health conditions, your current overall wellbeing and the lifestyle choices which could help slow or rewind your biological age.

Our biological tests assess your DNA and genetic markers in order to determine the true age of your body and cells, and empower you with the knowledge you need to achieve true wellbeing.


Biological age tests can give you a better understanding of how quickly, or slowly you’re aging, in order to make lifestyle or environmental changes to optimise your wellbeing. Knowing your biological age is a useful tool in predicting age-related diseases like Alzheimer’s, heart disease, diabetes or cancer. When we carry out and interpret these tests, we can identify DNA methylation patterns which have an impact on your health outcomes.

These tests can also help give you insight on what habits, lifestyle or environmental factors could be influencing your biological age. These could include your diet, stress levels, physical activity, work habits, smoking or alcohol consumption.

Biological age tests can pinpoint the changes which need to be made in order to reach your health goals.


We use the world’s most accurate biological age test, created by TruDiagnostic.

This test doesn’t only analyse your genome, it also analyses your epigenomes which change the way your DNA functions over times, and are affected by lifestyle and environmental factors. This provides a more nuanced picture of aging across your genome for more accurate results.

The test involves a survey and simple blood test which can be carried out by our doctors. Please note that your survey will not be used to create your biological age, but to give context as to your lifestyle.

Once we have your biological age, we calculate your cumulative rate of aging, which is relative to your chronological age. This will tell you how quickly or slowly you’re aging.

This test measures your current rate of aging at the precise moment of testing, rather than your overall biological age. This lets us tell you if you are currently implementing the best protocol to reduce your aging and risk of disease over time.

Telomere length is one of the 9 hallmarks of aging. Your telomere is found at the tip of your chromosome and affects how quickly your cells age.

The length of your telomere is an important determinant of the lifespan of your cells; what happens to your cells at the end of their lifespan and how quickly they arrive at that end is an important indicator or the aging process and a wide variety of diseases.

By measuring your telomere length we can assess your risk of developing preventable diseases like hypertension, cardiovascular disease, insulin resistance, type 2 diabetes, depression, osteoporosis, and obesity.

Tracking the rate of your telomere shortening (which happens over time) is critical to tracking your overall health and aging.

TruDiagnostic has one of the largest private epigenetic databases in the world, with over 13,000 patients tested to date. By collecting important covariates, they’ve created a state of the art biological age predictor. Building on science already in the literature, they use their large database to create a highly accurate biological age model.

This analysis takes a closer look at epigenetic biological aging, to discover the impact that different systems on your body have on aging – especially your immune system and proteome.

This gives an advanced look into your epigenetic aging and how your immune system, cellular makeup, and hormonal biology is changing your epigenetic age.

What’s next?

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