Brain health

From a very young age we are taught to care for our bodies. Yet brain health is frequently overlooked.

For each and every one of us, maintaining optimal brain health should always be a priority. From the moment you are born, your brain – the largest, most complex organ in your body – dictates how you interact with and make sense of the world around you. Your learning ability. Emotions. Moods. Logical decisions. Memory. Mental health and more. And what dictates your brain’s ability to effectively fulfil its role? The world around you.

Your diet, sleep habits, stress levels, exercise and even your relationships and sense of purpose are just some of the factors that can help or hinder your brain health. Drawing on IMI’s Integrated Healing Model, we can work with you to preserve and protect the wellbeing of your most important organ.

The human body and brain is a complex, interconnected system. Many factors within and around you, seemingly unrelated, are intimately connected. At IMI, we recognise that there are seven pillars to a healthy body and brain:

  • Environmental factors.
  • The experiences that shape your mind.
  • The energy that flows through each organ and system of your body.
  • Your physical health.
  • Your unique personal connection to a source of healing.
  • Your sense of belonging and relationships with others
  • And your emotions.

Taking every facet of your whole self into consideration, we will work with you to identify the pillars that are crumbling and help put in place a plan to best support your brain health.

Do you sometimes feel like your brain is not firing on all cylinders? Brain fog. Poor Concentration. Forgetfulness and more.

Your digestive system, diet and exercise habits may be to blame. In fact, these are just some of the factors that influence your brain’s ability to perform at optimal levels, according to researchers and our 25 years’ clinical experience.

Your body affects your brain and your brain affects your body. We can work with you to boost your physical health to boost your brain.

Anxiety. Depression. Stress. Sleeplessness. Mental health challenges affect 1 in 3 people in Hong Kong, studies confirm.

Having supported multiple clients with mental health challenges, our psychologists, psychotherapists and counsellors offer a safe space where you can be heard, where you can heal, and where you can grow. Skilful therapy even changes your adult brain and the way that it’s wired. Past trauma can be healed, old patterns can shift, and new possibilities can emerge.

As we age, so too do our brains. It’s an inevitable process that impacts our ability to process and retain information. But our lifestyle choices can either speed up or slow down brain aging. We can work with you to maintain your memory by implementing the right lifestyle habits.

From supporting students, to professionals, our naturopaths can help identify any blocks to your learning, from brain fog to memory. Many of these symptoms have causes, from heavy metal toxicity, or poor gut health. Our naturopaths can diagnose the root cause of your learning block, and set you on the path to recovery with a personalised treatment.

Dyslexia. ADD and ADHD. Dyscalculia. Dysgraphia. Processing deficits. These are the five most common learning difficulties that inhibit the ability to process and retain information. Our clinical psychologists can help to diagnose these conditions through a plethora of psycho-educational assessments. They can work with you or your child to understand unique learning styles – strengths and areas that are challenging to support their learning.

What's next?

Whatever your brain needs, we can devise a tailored integrated plan for optimal support.

We recommend that you start your journey by talking with a naturopath or mental health practitioner. Call 2523 7121 or connect with us below to request an appointment.

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