High cholesterol

Managing your cholesterol levels is key for maintaining heart health as you age. There are two main kinds of cholesterol: bad cholesterol (LDL) and good cholesterol (HDL).

Our good and bad cholesterol levels increase or deplete based on the kinds of food we eat and the activities we engage in. HDL, found in food sources like avocado, oily fish, eggs and nuts, can help carry away LDL, which is found in foods like take-away, cakes, processed meats and more.

High levels of LDL put strain on the heart, increasing our health risk and causing damage to our bodies. If you’re worried about cholesterol, our naturopaths can help.

Working out your blood cholesterol level is easy. One of our general practitioners (GPs) or naturopaths will order a pathology test to check your blood cholesterol levels.

The total cholesterol level is made up of “good” high-density lipoprotein (HDL) plus “bad” low-density cholesterol (LDL).

If interventions like lifestyle changes, diet and exercise don't work, conventional doctors may recommend statins which can cause side effects like fatigue, muscle pain and anxiety. Recent research suggests your DNA may factor into these side effects.

Like doctors, our naturopaths recommend lifestyle changes like different diets and increased exercise to manage your cholesterol levels. But we go one step further, using functional medicine tests like DNA mapping to investigate your genetic predisposition for clearing “bad” cholesterol.

Our tests identify a range of broader physiological processes contributing to your condition, such as detoxification and bone health.

This detailed insight into your genes helps our naturopaths prescribe a personalised diet and natural medicine regime that’s tailor-made for your body's particular quirks.

We focus on mitigating deficits in your metabolism that may be contributing to your high cholesterol levels, avoiding a one-size-fits-all cookie cutter approach.

With our treatment, we aim to improve your general overall health while lowering your cholesterol levels.

What’s next?

If you’d like to manage or reduce your cholesterol, we can help.

Find the support you need with our naturopaths. Connect with us below, and we'll be in touch shortly.

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