How to choose the right vitamins and minerals

When choosing a vitamin and mineral supplement it is vital to make sure you are buying a high-quality product from a trusted manufacturer. To choose the right supplement there are six factors to consider: 1. High quality ingredients, 2. Practitioner approved, 3. Research-based, 4. Effective packaging, shipped to you from manufacturer to doorstep 6. via air-controlled shipment and storage.

There are two types of vitamin and mineral supplements in our clinics and online dispensary: Whole-Food and Functional Synthetics. Each type is designed for specific uses and goals.

Whole-food Vitamins and Minerals Supplements (VAMS)

The main advantage of food-based VAMS is they are derived from real foods (i.e. fruits and vegetables) making them safer and more efficient. They are safer because they are from foods we normally consume and more efficient because the body can absorb the bio-available nutrients. Studies demonstrate that vitamin and mineral absorption is 135%-260% more effective for whole food nutrients over the inorganic, synthetic and isolated forms. Vitamin C is an example where the compound is more active when flavonoids are present in the supplement; these are readily abundant in products made from oranges and other similar foods. Likewise, researchers at Northwestern University Cancer Center concluded that vitamin A is more effective in whole-food form due to the interaction between the carotenoids and secondary plant compounds.

Functional Synthetic Vitamins & Minerals (VAMS)

There are situations when a synthetic vitamin is better than the whole-food alternative. Individuals with food allergies and sensitivities, the need for pharmaceutical grade potencies, and the need for highly targets nutrients are just a few factors that might affect whether whole-food or functional synthetic supplements are best for you.

IMI carries five main brands to meet our client’s needs: Innate Response Formulas, Vital Nutrients and Designs for Health plus two clinical brands called Bioceuticals and BioClinic. Every professional product is free from gluten, wheat, dairy, corn, egg, peanut and soy.

  • Innate Response Formulas are food based vitamin and mineral options that can be taken on an empty stomach.
  • Vital Nutrients is our primary functional synthetic, hypoallergenic range from the USA. IMI Founder Graeme Bradshaw has personally inspected the facility to ensure the company’s commitment to quality control. Supplements are in a range of capsules for products free of any binders, toxins, and other potential allergens and additives. Products are further tested for DNA accuracy, genetic engineering, pesticide residues and microbial contaminants. All products are then third-party batch tested for accuracy and dosage. Vital Nutrients are only available via practitioner-approval (hyperlink to online expert) and exclusive to IMI.
  • Designs for Health has created one of the best active forms of B Complex containing a particularly highly effective form of folate. Practitioners often suggest this particular supplement for clients with chronic anxiety, depression, metabolic challenges and other mood dysfunction.
  • Bioceuticals is an Australian brand required to pass stringent pharmaceutical and government regulated standards.
  • BioClinic, from Canada, is another closely government regulated, pharmaceutical standard range of products.

You can have absolute confidence that our doctors and practitioners have personally selected clinical-grade supplements to ensure you are getting exactly what it says on the label. Supplements that are effective, potent and pure. Only those that are free of fillers, additives, contaminants and other questionable ingredients make it on our shelves.

Which vitamins and minerals do I need?

Aside from whether you choose wholefood or functional synthetic vitamin and mineral supplements, there are many variations in the type and dosage that you might need. Whilst there are some generalisations, for example, most people could benefit from extra vitamin D. There are also specific, individualised needs depending upon diet, where you live, your age, stress levels, even  genetics.

For this reason, we advise that you consult with a naturopathic to determine your current health status and needs. Our naturopaths, can make a broad assessment and recommend certain diagnostic testing to get a clear health picture of actual levels of certain vitamins or minerals.

What to do next?

Our practitioner recommended vitamin and mineral supplements are available to buy from our natural dispensary or IMI Supplements Online.

If you would like more personalised guidance on which specific vitamins and minerals would be most suitable for your specific health needs, then you can book a consultation with a naturopath to assess this and they will prescribe what is appropriate for you. This can save you time and money in the long term.

Call 2523 7121 or submit the enquiry e-form below for appointments.

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