Maggy Dalmat

Clinical Psychologist and Psychotherapist

MSc Clinical Psychology, BSc(Hons.) Psychology, MBPsS


Areas of expertise

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Coping with adjustment
  • Parenting, adolescence development and relationship difficulties
  • Eating disorders
  • Anger management

“It is the quality of the relationship developed between the therapist and the patient that is an influential factor in successful treatment.”

Maggy Dalmat is a French national (originally from Martinique) and is a registered psychologist in Hong Kong, France and the United Kingdom. Maggy provides evaluation, diagnosis and treatment in individual consultations for adolescents and adults in a variety of contexts including stress, depression, anxiety, relationship difficulties, adjustment difficulties and adolescence development. Maggy aims to relieve painful symptoms and/or emotional experiences in individuals that prevent them from realising their full potential.

Maggy obtained her Master’s degree in Clinical Psychology from Université Paris VIII in France. She uses an integrative approach based on Humanistic therapy, Cognitive & Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance & Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness in her practice.

More important than an actual psychotherapeutic technique, Maggy believes that a relationship between therapist and patient relationship must be based on trust. The patient needs to feel comfortable enough to share intimate information with the therapist because he/she is assured of the total confidentiality and the therapist, in gaining trust, can use specific techniques validated through scientific research in psychotherapy to relieve the patient’s symptoms.

Maggy follows a strict code of ethics based on the French Code de Déontologie des Psychologues, the HK and British Psychological Society.

Languages: English, French


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“Thank you Maggy for counselling with us, this experience has not only helped our son to understand himself more, it has also helped us parents to find a better way to help him deal with his struggles. We thank you for your advice, his mind has been at ease and he has shown tremendous improvement in coping with his stress and anxiety now.”
– P. T., mother of a 14 year-old boy, Hong Kong

“The sessions we did with Maggy were a very good experience. First we came for couples counselling, but the sessions also helped significantly in terms of my personal development. After only a few sessions I was able to much better understand my way of functioning as well as my way of interacting with others, really very helpful!”
– F. G., Couples therapy and individual sessions