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To learn more about Coronavirus (Covid-19), and how we can support you and your family’s health, continue to read this page.

Coronavirus (Covid-2019)

Covid-19 has officially been declared a global pandemic. With concerns for health and safety and the lives of millions disrupted, it’s no wonder many people are feeling anxious, fearful and frustrated. Know that you’re not alone. We acknowledge your feelings; we will not simply dismiss them. Instead, we hope to empower you with the knowledge and practical advice to help you through these challenging times.

An overview of the coronavirus

Covid-19 is a member of the coronavirus family. This family is responsible for viruses as mild as the common cold to more serious cases like Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS).

The most common symptoms of Covid-19 are fever, fatigue, sore throat and cough. These symptoms are usually mild, especially for children and young adults. Some people can become infected and not display symptoms or feel unwell.

It is estimated that around 80% of patients recover in a few days. Around 1 in 6 people become seriously ill and develop breathing difficulties. Older people and those with compromised immune systems are at greater risk.

Ways to protect yourself

Experts advise that the best ways to protect against Covid-19 include practicing good personal and respiratory hygiene, social distancing, delaying non-essential air travel and supporting your immunity.

For more recommendations to reduce the risk of exposure, please refer to the government guidelines:

Travel safety guidelines

The Hong Kong SAR government has issued mandatory 14-day quarantine orders to all people who have visited Covid-19 hotspots in the past 14 days. An up-to-date list of information is available here:

If you become ill during the quarantine period, we encourage you to contact your medical doctor’s clinic or a hospital run by the Hospital Authority. Some of the large private medical practices and public hospitals can send self-sampling kits to your home to allow you to test for respiratory illnesses, including Covid-19.

For client protection and peace of mind, we have expanded our travel history enquiry to places with active community transmission. We are also conducting temperature checks and mandatory hand-sanitising for every person that enters the clinic. We’d like to remind you it is a criminal offence to provide false or misleading information about travel history to a healthcare professional.

If you do need to travel during the Covid-19 outbreak, we hope you find our travellers’ immunity guide useful.

If you have not visited or been in contact with people who have visited the high-risk areas and you are experiencing fever or flu-like symptoms, please contact your medical doctor’s clinic. If you’re seeking natural medicine advice, we offer Skype and phone consultations.

Immunity support

Now more than ever, it is essential to support and strengthen your immunity.

Drawing on our decades of clinical experience, we have developed a basic “Essential Immune Support Kit” to have at home, to bolster immunity for you and your family. We have also curated lifestyle recommendations from our practitioners to give robust advice and tips for optimal immunity.

You can also visit our dispensary in person or online to access our Essential Immune Support Kit and additional supplements to support your health and wellbeing.

For personalised immunity advice, our practitioners can prescribe potent supplements and herbal medicines, either in person or via Skype and phone. They can also offer individualised guidance on impactful dietary and lifestyle changes to boost your immunity.

We also recognise the impact that emotions can have on mental health, overall immunity and wellbeing. If you would like support dealing with anxiety, please reach out to our counsellors and psychologists, some of whom are now providing consultations online.

Remember: you are not alone.

What to do next

For consultations, call 2523 7121 or connect with us here.

We recognise there is a lot of information flying around the Internet on the coronavirus. Some valuable, some scary. To avoid anything alarmist, we recommend government endorsed websites, like the Centre for Health Protection and HK SAR government websites for travel updates.

Our practitioners’ recommendations for strengthening immunity can be accessed here.

Articles, blogs, videos and resources:

How osteopathy strengthens your respiratory system and boosts your immunity

For people with respiratory conditions like asthma, bronchitis, pneumonia or reduced breathing from old injuries, the COVID-19 outbreak is understandably a big cause for concern. Having a respiratory condition does...

新型冠狀病毒 (Covid-19)

新型冠狀病毒肺炎 (Covid-19) 已正式宣佈被列為全球大流行。 出於對健康和安全的關注,數百萬人的生活受到干擾,許多人會因此而感到焦慮、恐懼和沮喪。 我們會為你提供相關知識、實用的建議和指引,協助你渡過這艱難的時刻。


Covid-19 屬於冠狀病毒家族。 冠狀病毒是一個龐大的病毒家族。有幾種已知的冠狀病毒可以感染人類,通常只會引起普通感冒等輕症。但是,至少有兩種較早前已發現的冠狀病毒可以引起嚴重疾病,例如是2003年嚴重急性呼吸道症候群(SARS)。

Covid-19的最常見症狀是發燒、疲勞、喉嚨痛和咳嗽。 這些症狀通常較輕,尤其是對於兒童和年輕人。 有些人可能被感染但沒有出現症狀或感到不適。

據估計,大約80%的患者會在幾天內康復。 約有六分之一的患者病情會比較嚴重並出現呼吸困難。 年齡較大或免疫系統受損的人,有較大機會出現嚴重情況。


專家建議,預防 Covid-19 的最佳方法包括時刻保持良好的個人和環境衛生、盡量與他人保持適當的社交距離、避免所有非必要的外遊計劃和增強免疫力。



香港特別行政區政府已對抵港前14日曾到訪過疫情較嚴重地區的所有人發布了為期14日的強制性檢疫令。 此處提供最新信息:

如果你在隔離期間感到不適,請你與你的醫生診所或醫院管理局旗下的醫院聯繫。 一些大型的私人醫療機構和公立醫院可向病人分發樣本瓶,以便你自行採集唾液樣本進行呼吸道疾病測試,包括Covid-19。

為了保障客人的健康和讓你安心,我們會向客人查詢旅遊史。 亦會對每個進入IMI 診所的人進行溫度檢查和強制性的手部消毒。 請注意,任何人向醫生提供虛假或具誤導性病歷及旅遊史,屬刑事罪行。

如果你確實需要在 Covid-19 爆發期間出遊,希望此免疫指南能為你提供幫助。

對於尚未接觸疫情嚴重地區而出現的發燒或流感症狀,請聯絡你的診所或醫療服務提供者。 若你正在尋求天然藥物的治療,我們可以提供視像如Skype和電話諮詢。


現最重要的是支持和增強你的免疫系統。 請在此處參考 IMI 專業治療師的健康建議。


你可以蒞臨本店藥房 IMI 網上營養補充品店選購高質營養補充品和健康產品。




預約診症,請致電 2523 7121 在此聯絡我們

現時互聯網上流傳著許多有關此病毒的各類不確切信息。 為避免引起任何恐慌,我們建議參閱政府認可的網站,例如衛生防護中心 你亦可於此處參閱由自然療法世界總會所提供的資訊,當中包含了基本建議,並融合自然療法醫學價值的平衡觀點,以降低受感染的風險。

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