IMI launches IMI Corporate Wellness amidst growing concerns for professionals’ wellbeing

The comprehensive range of offerings address all facets of corporate wellness.

HONG KONG, May 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Integrated Medicine Institute (IMI), Hong Kong’s largest natural and integrated medicine clinic, today announced the official launch of its corporate wellness arm. Already at work in global organizations with a presence in Hong Kong, IMI Corporate Wellness seeks to address every health challenge today’s professionals face.

Since its inception in 1990, IMI’s team of practitioners has witnessed a dramatic rise in the number of professional men and women seeking support for stress, anxiety, insomnia, digestive challenges, and burnout. Hong Kong’s frenetic work culture – longer workdays, constant multi-tasking, sedentary lifestyles and poor diets – are all taking a toll on employees’ health, morale and productivity, the clinic notes.

Recognising the urgency to equip professionals with the education, training and support to make positive life choices, IMI is drawing on its twenty-five years of experience to roll out a series of wellness programmes to address 9 critical areas of wellness and wellbeing. These are mindfulness, stress, sleep, diet, detox, physically active working, healthy gut – healthy brain, mental health, and the Superwoman Syndrome.

Organisations can select the topics that best match their needs in engaging, high-impact formats that include presentations, workshops, or half- and full-day urban wellness retreats.

Dr Benita Perch, IMI’s Managing Director and Naturopathic Physician, comments, “Today’s leaders and employees face greater challenges than ever before. In fact, we’re treating unhealthy and unhappy professionals every single day. As the city’s leading natural and integrated medicine clinic that has brought thousands of individuals back to good health over the years, we’re ideally positioned to cultivate healthy, thriving organisations.”

IMI’s team of experienced Corporate Wellness practitioners is currently delivering holistic wellness solutions to a number of progressive businesses with offices across Asia. “We’re optimistic that more businesses will follow suit. Together, we can turn the tide and improve employees’ health and overall wellbeing. It’s proven: when you give employees the knowledge and tools to live well, you give them the motivation and ability to work well. A corporate wellness programme is a win-win solution,” Benita concludes.

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Dr Benita Perch, Managing Director and Naturopathic Physician of Integrated Medicine Institute (IMI)

Dr Benita Perch (ND), Naturopathic Physician and Managing Director of IMI

About IMI

Trusted and respected by thousands, Integrated Medicine Institute (IMI) is the largest natural and integrated medicine clinic in Hong Kong and throughout Asia. Since 1990, IMI has led the integrated and holistic way.  We’ve helped people from all walks of life enjoy optimal health and wellbeing through an unparalleled range of specialist services, treatments, and diagnostic and functional medicine testing. In 2019, IMI launched IMI Corporate Wellness – a comprehensive programme led by experienced doctors and wellness practitioners to address every facet of professional wellness and cultivate healthy, thriving organisations.

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