Superhero Summer Series

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The past few months have taken an even greater toll on professionals’ physical, mental and emotional wellbeing. With summer travel plans dashed for many because of Covid-19, most executives can no longer take a much-needed break and recharge their batteries. This will inevitably impact their health, motivation, performance and productivity.

What can you as an organisation do? Use this time to significantly boost your Superheroes’ health and resilience. It’s good for them; it’s good for business.

Led by industry-renowned corporate wellness practitioners, the Superhero Summer Series comprises of five x 20-minute modules in an interactive webinar setting, each including an ‘Ask the Expert’ Q&A session.

1. Navigating stress effectively and mindfully with Naturopathic Physician Benita Perch

The phases, effects of and hidden contributors to stress, and natural tools to support the body, mind and emotions.

2. Sleep for optimal health with Senior Naturopath Graeme Bradshaw

The different types, surprising causes and effects of insomnia, the various stages of sleep, and science-backed resources for improved sleep.

3. Movement at work with IMI Osteopath

The harmful effects of a sedentary lifestyle, the impact of stress on the body, and an osteopath’s guide to movement at work for optimal wellbeing. 

4. A Healthy Diet = greater personal resilience with Naturopath Philip Watkins

The link between diet and resilience; different diets and different benefits, and a naturopath’s guide to healthy eating.

5. Mindfulness for greater resilience at work with Executive Coach and Emotional Wellness Practitioner Cristina Rodenbeck

The mind-body connection, the importance of mental health and new mindfulness habits to rewire behaviors.

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