Mental wellbeing in the workplace

One in six people are believed to suffer from mental health issues in Hong Kong. A city-wide survey on mental health conditions in the workplace found that 90% of respondents said they needed better support at work and 60% of respondents felt that mental health issues in the workplace play a significant role in driving away talented staff.

In Hong Kong’s frenetic and fast-paced work culture, it’s no wonder professionals experience debilitating stress, anxiety and depression. Despite its prevalence, those struggling with mental health imbalances suffer in silence, conscious of the outdated stigma that surrounds mental illness. At other times, people dismiss their struggles, unaware of the steps they can take to manage their mental wellbeing.

But times are changing. Responsible businesses are on a mission to mindfully address their staff’s mental wellbeing and support their workforce in challenging times. By developing better policies for workplace mental health, they report increased staff morale, staff retention and productivity, and reduced absenteeism.

What the session entails

In this 90 minute session, discover the importance of mental health and how we can better support each other.

What to do next

We’re working with a number of organisations to cultivate wellness at work. We’d welcome the opportunity to work with you too. To discuss your organisation’s health and wellness needs and how we can support you, contact:

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