Navigating stress effectively and mindfully

In recent years, stress at work has become an increasingly significant challenge for employers and employees. Whilst some stress is natural for survival and achievement, too much stress can lead to chronic stress and harrowing consequences. Given Hong Kong’s relentless working culture, it’s no wonder modern executives and leaders are struggling with career-sinking levels of depression, physical ailments, chronic fatigue and burnout. With workplace stress on the rise, progressive businesses are considering ways to help executives better cope with the mental strains of their jobs.

Bring stress relief to your workplace

Here’s a snapshot of what IMI’s experienced practitioner will walk your employees through:

  • The different phases of stress and the impact on the body and mind.
  • The hidden factors contributing to stress
  • Tools and techniques to support body, mind and emotions in each phase of stress.
  • Long-term strategies to navigate stress with awareness and develop resilience.
  • Interactive and informative stress assessments and activities.

Formats to suit your needs

The Stress seminar can be delivered at your organisation or online. Formats include interactive presentations, workshops, half- and full-day retreats. Choose from our series of seminars to create a framework that matches your organisation’s vision and needs.

Know more

For more information on what the Stress seminar entails or to schedule a seminar, write to us here.

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