Corporate Wellness

Hong Kong’s most comprehensive series of corporate wellness programmes.

Today’s leaders and employees face greater challenges than ever before: higher levels of stress, longer workdays, constant multi-tasking, sedentary lifestyles, poor diets, weakened immunity and more. These challenges are taking a toll on employees’ health and productivity and businesses’ bottom line and workplace culture.

It’s proven: when you give employees the knowledge and tools to live well, you give them the drive and ability to work well. With optimal health and happiness they bring their best selves to work: Appreciated. Engaged. Focussed. Committed.

Trusted by global and local organisations, IMI’s Corporate Wellness Series is a win-win for everyone. Drawing on the latest research and our own thirty years’ clinical expertise, the comprehensive series is led by IMI’s practitioners who are skilled at bolstering immunity, resilience and wellbeing in the workplace.

At IMI, we treat unhealthy and unhappy professionals every single day. We address the physical, mental and emotional health issues that may be impacting their ability to perform at work and home. And we work with them to restore their good health and sustain their long-term wellbeing.

It’s this work that we bring to your work.

IMI Corporate Wellness Series is uniquely led by practitioners in-the-know. Highly experienced and respected naturopathic doctors, osteopaths, mental health practitioners, mindfulness experts and more combining decades of experience to help professionals live healthier and happier. Together, they provide the education, training and support needed to help you, your workforce, and your company succeed.

After all, your company’s success is contingent upon a healthy and happy workforce.

Taking into account the seven facets of optimal health and wellbeing, IMI’s Corporate Wellness supports employees holistically and realistically. We look beyond the superficial to determine the real challenges that professionals face. Our Integrated Healing Approach uniquely acknowledges and addresses the mind, body, emotions, environment, community, spirit and energy.

Learn more about our programmes and build the framework suited to your organisation’s needs.

Our talks and workshops include:


Critical to the success of an organization, mindfulness cultivates presence, productivity and resilience in times of stress. Discover how mindful leaders can boost their ability to engage and inspire their teams, and mindful leaders can strengthen their resilience.


Stress has become a huge challenge for leaders and employees. While some stress is natural, prolonged stress can cause chronic and severe illness. Learn about the different phases of stress, the long-term risks, and impactful ways to support the body and mind.


In the workplace, sleep deprivation can lead to poor communication, reduced performance and greater risk-taking. Discover sleep strategies to support workplace performance, and strengthen body, mind and emotions.

  • Diet

Key to personal resilience is a healthy diet. A poor diet can cost organisations up to 20% in lost productivity, global researchers warn. Learn how a tailored healthy diet can boost resilience and empower employees to thrive in the workplace.

  • Detox

Everybody shows evidence of a build-up of toxins. Particularly in Hong Kong, this build-up impacts physical and mental wellbeing, cognitive function and energy levels. Learn how to reduce the toxin load and implement detox tools to boost resilience and revitalize the body and mind.


Long periods of sitting increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, obesity, chronic back pain and osteo-related diseases. Learn the importance of movement at work and tips to support posture, energy levels, health, and performance.

  • Gut & Brain

Brain health is impacted by what goes on inside the gut, researchers advise. Poor gut health has been linked to headaches, poor concentration, chronic fatigue, low moods and more. Learn how to repair the gut and restore the body’s balance through optimal diet and nutrition.


One in six Hong Kongers suffer from mental health issues. 90% want better support at work. Employers note the benefits of workplace mental health policies on staff morale, retention and productivity. Learn the importance of mental health and effective support strategies.


As women juggle multiple roles and responsibilities, self-care falls to the wayside. Burnout, depression, heart conditions and more are on the rise. Learn about Superwomen’s characteristics and health risks, and proven strategies to support their success.


Men face pressure to succeed at work and in life with no stop overs. They’re at risk of high blood pressure, cardiovascular disease, depression and insomnia.  Discover the importance of men’s health and techniques to help them thrive in the workplace.


Supermen and Superwomen face unique challenges and the risks to their health cannot be ignored. Discover the link between wellness and workplace success, and strategies to ensure Superheroes stay the course.

  • Stress Resilience at Work

This seminar will look at the new neuroscience of stress resilience and mindfulness, and specifically how they apply to organizational life, leadership and communication. The seminar will include an overview of most common stress triggers from a neurological perspective (based on David Rock’s SCARF model). Attendees will emerge with a deeper understanding how to develop their own stress resilience, and help their colleagues and teams do the same.

  • Leading Teams for Performance and Impact

This seminar explores the challenges of structuring and leading teams and meetings. Many teams are under-designed and under-led, with complex dynamics around membership, time management, and authority. This seminar addresses these challenges and offers practical interventions, incorporating insights from organizational psychology and group relations theory. Attendees will emerge with actionable plans for designing and enabling better teams and meetings, as well as fostering a healthier workplace culture.

  • Ethnicity and Gender in Leadership

This seminar will explore the roles of ethnicity and gender in leadership and leadership development. Several lenses will be introduced, including implicit leadership theory, Sue & Sue’s racial/cultural identity development models, and unconscious bias. Attendees will emerge with a deeper understanding of both agent and target group identity in the workplace, and a development plan for overcoming leadership biases and preferences.

Tailored to your needs, our programmes are available in engaging, high-impact formats including in-person and online presentations, workshops, as well as half- and full-day retreats. Our programmes are uniquely led by industry-renowned doctors, wellness practitioners and executive coaches.

Ongoing Support

Whilst our programmes are designed to empower participants with the tools to live and work well, we recognise that most people and organisations require ongoing support to maintain healthy habits. We offer customised assessment and wellness programs to support your leaders and employees to sustain their total health and wellbeing.

The positive effects of Corporate Wellness Programmes are backed up by decades of rigorous studies by researchers around the world. Here are 9 proven benefits:

  • Relieves work-related stress and its career-sinking consequences
  • Reduces the risk of anxiety impacting your ability to do your job
  • Promotes resilience and confidence in the face of workplace challenges
  • Increases energy levels and productivity
  • Supports concentration, clarity and the capacity to contribute effectively
  • Reduces the risk of colds, flus, viruses and infections spreading through the workplace
  • Decreases absenteeism and staff turnover caused by ill-health and injuries
  • Boosts morale and promotes a positive company culture
  • Improves employee recruitment and retention
  • As Hong Kong’s leading provider of corporate wellness programmes, our practitioners are committed to bringing wellness to your workplace.

    What to do next

    We’re working with a number of organisations to cultivate wellness at work. We’d welcome the opportunity to work with you too. To discuss your organisation’s health and wellness needs and how we can support you, contact us below.

    “I thoroughly enjoyed the lunchtime health and wellbeing talk ‘Superman in the Workplace’. It was full of simple yet useful tips a few of which I am already trying out. Thanks again.”

    —Simon Cuthbert, Entertainment, Platforms and Connectivity Manager
    Cathay Pacific Airways Limited / Nov 2019

    “The programme provided tips that were very useful – entertaining and flexible to meet your needs as we have a small group of participants. The information we received about the causes of some of the stress we experience daily was invaluable.”

    —Michelle Miu, Public Relations Manager
    The Murray Hong Kong, a Niccolo Hotel / May 2019

    “Dr. Perch came to our office to give our female lawyers a talk on wellness. Dr. Perch knows exactly the various challenges and issues professional women face. Her talk prompted us to think about the little things we are doing on a daily basis that could be improved or avoided, and more importantly, raised the awareness among us. Her tips and suggestions are very practical so it’s easy to make improvements both in the office and at home.”

    —The Hong Kong office of a U.S.-headquartered law firm

    “Thank you Cristina and IMI for the wonderful talk that took place during our Global Be Well Day at Woodland Pre-Schools. The information, tips and advice that you shared on the topic of ‘Emotional Resiliency in times of Uncertainty’ were invaluable and particularly relevant for the environment we currently find ourselves in. Our staff and parent community thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”

    —The Woodland Pre-Schools

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