Sleep for success

In Asia’s frenetic working culture, sleep is the first personal item professionals sacrifice to fulfil other obligations. Insufficient quality and quantity of sleep can lead to poor communication, compromised performance and reaction time, inability to focus, and greater risk-taking. Sleep deprivation can impact life expectancy, memory, concentration, weight, mood, immune function, and increase chances of Alzheimer disease and heart attacks. Progressive businesses are working with employees to educate them about sleep to build resilience, improve performance, and strengthen their physical body, mind and emotions.

Support your employees with sound sleep strategies

Here’s a snapshot of what IMI’s sleep specialist will walk your employees through:

  • The types and causes of insomnia.
  • The worrying impact of poor sleep on mind, health and performance.
  • The key stages of sleep and their significance.
  • Practical ways to establish healthy sleep habits and routines, and tools to utilise when sleep becomes a challenge.
  • Interactive and informative assessments and activities.

Formats to suit your needs

The Sleep seminar can be delivered at your organisation or online. Formats include interactive presentations, workshops, half- and full-day retreats. Choose from our series of seminars to create a framework that matches your organisation’s vision and needs.

Know more

For more information on what the Sleep seminar entails or to schedule a seminar, write to us here.

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