Superhero Syndrome

Our 90min Superhero Syndrome Talk is the first step to creating awareness and action to balance success with self-care and care for others.

Managing the Superhero Syndrome

Today’s superheroes strive to fly high, accomplish as much as possible, and juggle the demands of multiple roles. There is an inordinate amount of pressure to succeed at work, at home, and in life.

As professionals move through their careers, it is imperative they have the necessary tools in place to succeed in their roles. Supermen and Superwomen face unique challenges and the risks to their health and wellbeing should not be ignored. Stress, burnout, anxiety, insomnia and chronic health conditions should not be the norm. Multiple studies and our 25 years’ clinical experience confirm that, lacking the right support, supermen and superwomen can only soar for a finite period of time. With a smart tool kit, a strong support network, and simple-to-implement wellness practices in place, it is possible for today’s superheroes to thrive, balancing both success at work with a healthy and fulfilling personal life.

What to do next

We’re working with a number of organisations to cultivate wellness at work. We’d welcome the opportunity to work with you too. To discuss your organisation’s health and wellness needs and how we can support you, contact:

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