Superman in the workplace

Today’s supermen strive to fly high, accomplish as much as possible, and swoop in to save others. There is an inordinate amount of pressure to succeed at work, at home, and in life, with no stop overs. Add to that Hong Kong’s frenetic work culture, and self-care inevitably falls to the wayside. High blood pressure. Cardiovascular disease. Depression. Insomnia and more. Research confirms that despite experiencing debilitating symptoms of stress, men are far less likely than women to speak up or seek support.

But it’s imperative that men and the organisations they work for acknowledge and address stress. Cardiovascular disease and cancer are just some of the serious health conditions linked to stress in men. Lacking the right support, supermen can only soar for so long.

A smart tool kit, a strong support network, and simple-to-implement wellness practices can ensure supermen stay the course, balancing success at work with a healthy and fulfilling personal life.

What the session entails

In this 90 minute session, discover the importance of men’s health and the tools and techniques to ensure men thrive in the workplace.

What to do next

We’re working with a number of organisations to cultivate wellness at work. We’d welcome the opportunity to work with you too. To discuss your organisation’s health and wellness needs and how we can support you, contact:

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