Superwoman in the workplace

Superwoman: the kind of woman who won’t or can’t slow down. Successful, passionate, and dedicated, she juggles the demands of multiple roles. Professional. Partner. Parent. Daughter. Sister. Philanthropist. And more. Add to that Hong Kong’s frenetic work culture, and self-care inevitably falls to the wayside.

LeanIn’s Women in the Workplace 2017 shows that 17% of women are leaving their jobs mid-career. Research also shows that today’s women show increased rates of anxiety, depression, chronic stress, fatigue, migraines, heart disease, strokes, and infertility. Lacking the right support, superwomen can only soar for so long.

A smart tool kit, a strong support network, and simple-to-implement wellness practices can ensure superwomen stay the course: succeeding at work, at home, and within the wider community.

What the session entails

In this 90 minute session, discover the importance of women’s health and how we can better support each other to ensure women thrive in the workplace.

What to do next

We’re working with a number of organisations to cultivate wellness at work. We’d welcome the opportunity to work with you too. To discuss your organisation’s health and wellness needs and how we can support you, contact:

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