Catriona Rogers

Counselling Psychology

M.A (Edin), Dip M.S (HKU), M. Ed Counselling (Newcastle), AI Coaching Accreditation (Fielding University, USA)



Catriona Rogers is a UK trained counselling psychologist, an executive coach (US trained), and a meditation facilitator. She brings to her work many years of experience, wisdom and compassion. She works in depth with clients on issues of self, relationships and work; empowering them to re-connect with their core strengths and their own deepest truth to ‘re-author’ their life story.

“My philosophy is grounded in Appreciative Inquiry (AI), a constructive, positive approach to change. At the heart of my work is the compassion I have for clients and the desire to see them free and joyful.”

In her counselling practice, Catriona focuses on body, mind and spirit. She draws on different approaches to address client issues which include depression, anxiety, grief, inner child wounding, trauma/PTSD, panic attacks, assertiveness management, stress, relationship dynamics, life transitions and the emergence of Self.

Catriona has practiced counselling in Hong Kong for over 20 years. Before that she worked in corporates in Europe, USA, Asia and HK and this gave her insight into the stresses and challenges, which impact clients’ personal and professional lives in Hong Kong’s high performance workplace.

She is one of IMI’s Mindfulness Meditation facilitators and sees meditation as important for personal growth, health and spiritual evolution. She believes that meditation practice enables us to discover a level of peace that remains unbroken no matter what external circumstances or internal mental torments we face.

“We don’t sit in meditation to become good meditators. We sit in meditation so that we’ll be more awake in our lives.” Pema Chödrön

Catriona has been meditating in the yogic tradition for 27 years and more recently in Mindfulness. She has studied with masters from a variety of traditions and taken trainings in Mindfulness Based Stress Relief (MBSR) Cognitive Emotional Balancing (CEB),and the corporate focused Mindfulness Potential Project and Healing Visualisation and Contemplation. She has a daily practice and regularly goes on retreats.

Catriona combines her counselling and meditation practices at IMI with many years of practice in both. She believes that true healing of psychological issues happens when we hold an expanded, “cartography of the psyche” – something that is accessible through meditation.

She has lived in Hong Kong for 43 years and has family here.

Languages: English


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“Catriona has been my counsellor for nearly 10 years. I have worked with several psychologists in my life and Catriona definitely stands out in the crowd. I always worked on my “inner game” issues, whether it be confidence, interpersonal conflict, or career decisions. What I appreciate most about her is her highly supportive approach, the fact that she respects my ‘process’ and that she “meets me where I am”. Every session is always impactful and insightful and energizing. Catriona is very intuitive, she listens well and she is able to help me articulate my thoughts and ideas in a way that helps me process them and get to solutions that work for me. Her empathetic and supportive style makes it pleasant and motivational to work with Catriona. Her ability to get to the “real issues” has helped me to create the changes I needed to keep growing and to be personally and professionally successful. I always leave my sessions with Catriona energised and reinvigorated.”
—Psychologist and Coach

“I was referred to Catriona by my GP. While we only met a couple of times, Catriona made me feel instantly at ease, Through the sessions she helped me to reflect on my situation, and gave me practical tips on how to work through some of the challenges I was facing. This new found knowledge helped me work through it rationally and see it from a different perspective. I very much appreciated the support and guidance she gave me.”
—Donna Young

“I sincerely recommend the IMI integrated treatment approach and genuinely benefited from this I saw distinct improvement in my physical well being which supported and enhanced the progress I made with regards to my mind and spiritual well being.”
—Charlotte Bliss

“I have been working with Catriona since 2010 and she has helped me through many transitions in my career as well as life. I like the way Catriona coaches across boundaries, letting me see connections between what goes on in various sections of my life. Her ability to use various methodologies that suited the need is particularly effective in letting me understand the issues on hand and how to approach it. I also like her introduction of resources as part of a follow-up to our one-on-one session, which allows me to continue to explore the topics and issues discussed. Her impact on me has been tremendously positive and I see her as an ongoing resource in my life journey.”
—Kwong Yee Leong, Managing Director & Founder TAO Consulting

“I combined professional coaching/counselling with natural therapy at IMI ,which assisted me immensely in gaining stability and positive endurance during a very tough time. I am well on my path to being content with my surrounding peace, health and happiness. I have enormous gratitude and I am very appreciative of the approaches and methods used. I have written this testimonial to inspire others to not just wish and think of what they could do to improve themselves, but to take action and walk the path to a better, healthier you.”
—Corrina Donaldson, Recruitment Consultant, Hong Kong

“Catriona provides a listening for people that is extremely empowering. What she does goes far beyond what many think of as positive thinking. She is a listening and a space for possibility – creative listening at its best. She stands for the greatness in people and seems to draw people out to express their own greatness in ways even they did not imagine. A rare talent indeed!”
—David Brock, Co-founder and Managing Director

“We sought counseling from Catriona Rogers for relationship issues, conflicts in parenting styles, career development and creating a future plan for ourselves. Catriona has provided us with life long tools that have made an enormous difference in our ability to relate to each other as a couple, as a family, with our friends and colleagues. The process was complimented with Catriona’s knowledge of integrated support through IMI, which has allowed us to get the most effective results for total well-being. I warmly recommend Catriona for any stage of your life.”