Crystal healing in Hong Kong

What crystals can do for you in difficult times

Amid the pandemic, people are looking for balance, healing, hope and positive energy. According to Cristina Rodenbeck, IMI Crystal Healer and Emotional Wellness Practitioner, crystals offer a way to stay centred and calm, particularly in rocky times.

A gift from Mother Nature, crystals have been used to heal and restore inner harmony throughout human history. They are believed to radiate subtle and stable energy, which can correct energetic imbalances in our bodies and promote physical, mental and emotional wellbeing.

Safe for all ages, crystals and gemstones can be used for many different purposes and in many different ways. Here Cristina shares the go-to crystals in the COVID-era.

Cleanse the energy in your environment

With family members at home throughout the day, you may be feeling a sense of heaviness around you. Black Tourmaline can help transform the negative energy into positive whilst Selenite can channel pure beams of light to the environment.

Manage high emotional states

Overwhelm, despair and anxiety are par for the course in these difficult times. Malachite in partnership with Chrysocolla are wonderful stones to help dissolve and release emotional charges, particularly when added to a Mindfulness practice.

Face and replace fear

It’s entirely natural to feel fear as we navigate waves of uncertainty. Powered by the sun, Citrine is a warm, vibrant and comforting crystal that clear your mind and help you replace fear with renewed confidence.

Focus during WFH and online homeschooling

It can be difficult, particularly for children, to maintain focus when they’re sat in front of their screens for hours on end. Petrified Wood and Smoky Quartz are perfect stones to restore grounding, focus and stability.


Self-care can fall to the wayside at the best of times. Now, more than ever, we all crave time to look after ourselves. Amethyst and Rose Quartz can help to bring you peacefulness, self-fulfilment, and much-needed inner peace.

Interested in crystals but don’t know where to start?

Cristina suggests starting with the crystals that most resonate with you.

“Choose your crystal not only by what you need most but what you connect most with. This is where intuition comes in and you will be guided to find the right stones for that moment of time. Later, you can choose to expand your collection for your home, workplace, and personal use so you surround yourself with positive, healing energy,” Cristina advises.

Whichever crystals you choose to use, wear or decorate your home sanctuary or office with, it’s important to cleanse, charge and program your crystals to work for you.

When you buy or receive your crystals, cleanse them with smudging herbs like White Sage and Palo Santo. Programme them with your intention such as love, abundance or protection and charge them with sunlight, Reiki or Full Moon light. Every few weeks, cleanse and charge again. Some crystals love water and the sun, others don’t. It’s important to learn how to take care of your crystals to extend their life and effectiveness.

If you’d like to learn more about crystals or would like help choosing the right one for you, call 2523 7121 or connect here to schedule a consultation with Cristina.

IMI is home to a wide range of carefully selected crystals and gemstones to support your needs. We source our crystals with the highest intention to surround our clients with the greatest and most positive and pure energy. You can see our range of healing crystals on the 17th floor of IMI.

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