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Poor food choices. Parasites. Pesticides. Polluted skies and more. Toxins can cause a plethora of health concerns from digestive complaints, skin conditions and fatigue to debilitating illnesses like dementia and Parkinson’s Disease. Our bodies have a natural ability to eliminate some toxins, but our DNA and increased exposure to synthetic chemicals in our food, air and water can work against us. Tailored to your needs, our naturopathic detox programmes are designed to nourish your system with the right nutrients so you can detoxify properly.

Gut Detox

Beat bad bacteria

Are you experiencing bloating, irregular bowel movements, skin issues such as acne or itching? What about fatigue, brain fog, anxiety or depression? Often these troubles come with a swollen tummy, abdominal weight gain, and sweet cravings. These are just some of the signs of a gut imbalance. Your gut is full of beneficial probiotics and harmful bacteria, as well as some fungi and parasites. When the bad outweighs the good, your health pays the price. A gut detox can clear out endotoxins (bacterial gut toxins) and restore the balance. The pay-off? A flatter tummy, improved digestion, and a clearer mind.

IMI’s 10-Day Detox

Eliminate your environmental toxins

Perhaps you’re struggling with constant tiredness and fatigue. Your brain may feel like it’s not firing on all cylinders. It’s proven: chemical toxicity from pollutants like pesticides and heavy metals bombard the brain. It’s also proven that pollutants can affect fertility in both men and women. Your liver, gonads, brain and immune system may be under-functioning against a barrage of chemical toxins. And there’s more. Your eyesight, balance and circulation can also suffer from toxin overload. The common culprits? Skincare. Household cleaning products. Plastics. Air pollution. Commercially grown produce with added pesticides and herbicides. And household or office mold. IMI’s 10 Day Detox can effectively remove many such toxins and protect you from serious sicknesses – all while you continue with your daily activities. For regular health maintenance, some clients happily repeat the 10-day cycle. Our detox experts will also tailor the programme to suit your detox needs. From high-powered executives to mums-to-be, this programme promotes vitality, clarity, peace of mind, and a health-conscious approach to life.

IMI’s Customised Chemical Detox

Test to pinpoint toxins. Detox. Test to prove they’re gone.

Some clients choose our comprehensive tests to pinpoint toxic culprits, understand their genetic profile, and identify any missing detoxification enzymes. We can lab test you for mould mycotoxins, gut and metabolic endotoxins, heavy metals and pollutants. Armed with the facts, we’re then able to create a fully customised detox programme to remove offending toxins and reduce the total chemical load by around 90% over a four-month programme. Clients’ ‘before’ and ‘after’ test results and the significant improvement in their vitality and wellbeing speak volumes about the benefits of a tailored-to-you detox.

Clear skin. Fertility. Improved focus, clarity and performance. Weight loss. Greater mobility. Emotional wellbeing. And more. These are just some of the ways the right detox can improve your life.

You and your detoxing capabilities are unique. There are two phases of liver detoxification: Phase I and Phase II. During Phase I, the liver transforms fat-soluble toxins into easier-to-excrete water soluble toxins. Sometimes the end product of Phase I detoxification is more harmful than the original toxin, which is why it’s important that Phase II works well. During Phase II, the water-soluble toxins are neutralized and excreted.

This is why researchers warn against juice fasts and off-the-shelf detox solutions. One-size-fits-all approaches don’t take into account your unique detoxification challenges and they rarely support the liver for Phase II detoxification. They don’t actually remove toxins – they only move them to the liver. This leads to a build-up of dangerous toxins in your body that can damage your DNA, all while depleting your body of essential nutrients and enzymes.

Tailored to your needs, we support your body appropriately with the essential nutrients, medical food, potent herbal medicines, high quality supplements, and homeopathic remedies required to stimulate the detoxification process and safely remove toxins from your body. When you detox, do it right. You can achieve your goals with professional support.

We’ve helped thousands of clients to feel, look and live well with our personalized detox programmes. We can help you too. IMI’s series of clinical detox programmes are designed and run by highly experienced naturopaths who know exactly how to tailor a nourishing detox to suit your needs. Safe. Holistic. Effective.

What to do next

To discover which detox is right for you, book a consultation with our detox-specialists, Naturopaths Graeme Bradshaw or Tej BG. Call 2523 7121 or connect with us here.

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