Does my child need supplements? – an article featured in The Standard

In an ideal world, kids would get all their nutrients from a healthy, balanced diet. But we know that in the real world, things aren’t always that simple.

From nutrient-poor fruits and veggies, to fussy eating and allergies, it can be hard to ensure that kids get all the nutrients they need to grow up big and strong.

Plus, the majority of us don’t have the ‘perfect diet’, and that’s okay. In fact, it’s normal, and sometimes, unavoidable. Integrated Medicine Institute (IMI) know that as busy parent, sometimes what you really need is to rustle up something simple so that you can sit together as a family and find the time for laughter after a long day.

Creating a supplement routine for your child fills in any nutritional gaps so that your kids can stay sharp in the classroom and happy at home. IMI’s healthcare practitioners have identified three key supplements to keep your kids healthy. These are a fish oil, probiotics and multivitamin.

Fish oil keeps your child’s brain fed, enhancing their learning by boosting memory, attention and listening ability, as well as their ability to plan and impulse control. As well as empowering them in the classroom, fish oil lifts their mood, so that your little ones can maintain their usual sunny disposition. It also keeps their immunity strong, while improving sleep, heart and eye health.

Our bodies are interconnected and no part of the body demonstrates this as well as our gut. Probiotics cultivate a healthy balance of good bacteria in your child’s gut, nourishing their digestion, immunity, skin and mental wellbeing. By providing a healthy environment for your kids’ immunity, of which 70% lives in their gut, probiotics help defend against colds. They also help support mental health by aiding the production of calming neurotransmitters like GABA and serotonin. In essence, a happy gut = a healthier child.

A potent multivitamin is a must-have for any child, as studies have shown that across Hong Kong, children are deficient in vitamins and minerals essential to their growth and development. This is through no fault of the parent, as the study states that kids are eating plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables. It’s essential then, that we fill in any nutritional gaps, with a multivitamin, so that we can know that our kids are getting all the nutrients they need to grow and develop.

As our children return to school next month, you may want to add some extra immune-boosters to their normal supplement routine. Vitamins C and D alongside elderberry help build their resilience to colds, especially when their immunity is under pressure.

Getting kids to take supplements isn’t always easy. Gummies are a great way of disguising a potent dose of nutrition as a tasty treat. With these on offer, you’ll find your kids are keen to take their daily supplements, rather than hiding under their bed. Visit IMI in-store, or online to explore their range of supplements, extensively taste-tested by kids and certified as child-friendly.

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