Elderberry extract: a natural way to fight colds and flu

With cold and flu a constant enemy in the winter months in Hong Kong, it’s comforting to know that there is natural help at hand to banish those aches, pains and runny nose. Yes, there is a solution other than antibiotics or conventional medication which won’t leave our immune systems depleted and even more prone to infection.

So, what is this natural alternative?
Elderberry extract.

Maybe not widely known for its healing properties, it has been used in folk medicine for centuries to treat influenza (A & B), colds and even sinusitis. More recent tests in Norway support these reported anti-viral properties – a simple 15ml of elderberry extract several times a day for 5 days (against a test set who didn’t take anything) did in fact relieve symptoms quicker by up to 4 days. That’s a significant improvement and extremely welcome for all of us who dread those winter snuffles. Interesting indeed, but not the full story.

Research around a natural black elderberry-based product called Sambucol concluded that elderberry as well as having anti-viral properties is also a great way of boosting the immune system, not just in those who are ill but in those who are healthy too – so cure and prevention combined. This is not just limited to adults as there are variants that are also suitable for children.

The best news? Elderberry is found to be effective against many strains of flu. It has no known side effects and is in-expensive to buy.

IMI is a firm believer in the natural path to wellness and has been prescribing elderberry extract to our patients with great results, for many years. If you’d like to know about elderberry and other ways to strengthen your immunity, book a consultation with a naturopath or buy one of our elderberry products in our Dispensary or IMI Supplements Online.

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