Where science meets natural medicine

Our practitioners use integrated medicine to compliment Western healthcare. At IMI, we recognise that your wellbeing is interconnected. Mind. Body. Emotions. Energy. Spirit. Community. Environment.

Our services, from naturopathy to osteopathy and counselling support each aspect of your wellbeing. Our natural medicine practise is grounded by the laws of science, using diagnostic tools to diagnose and treat the root cause of your health concern.

Naturopathic medicine

Our naturopaths use a blend of natural medicine and diagnostic tools to address your health concern at its origin. One of our specialities is reversing your biological clock. Our industry-leading tests assess your biological age and hormone levels that demonstrate how fast you’re aging. Our naturopaths then tailor a treatment plan to your body’s specific requirements to slow the aging process from the inside out.

Clinical-grade supplements and herbal remedies

Our naturopaths use clinical-grade supplements tried and trusted by doctors and clients worldwide to support your healing. Each formula has been vetted by our practitioners for quality, purity and ability to deliver results.

In addition to quality supplements, our naturopaths may prescribe high potency herbal tinctures to support energy levels, immunity, sleep and more.

Osteopathic bodywork treatments

Our osteopaths reduce your pain, support injury rehabilitation and post-operative recovery. They use stretching, massage, joint mobilisation and more to boost your range of movement, relieve tension and correct misalignments that could be impeding your physical health.

Osteopathy, cranial sacral osteopathy and therapy can provide comfort to your nervous system, supporting deep relaxation and better sleep.

Counselling and psychology

If you’re looking to create more space to explore your emotional wellbeing, our counsellors and psychotherapists can help. Whether you’re looking to address your work / life balance or seeking healing from deep-seated trauma, our practitioners offer a safe space for you to freely express your emotions, without judgement.

If you’re unsure where to start, get free expert advice on which service is right for you.


我們提供自然及順勢療法、心理輔導、整骨療法、傳統中藥、營養保健品等等,支持您的整體健康。 我們的自然醫學以科學法則為基礎,使用診斷工具來診症並找出根本原因以解決您的健康問題。

IMI提供領先業界的健康測試能有效評估您的生物年齡和荷爾蒙水平,從而顯示您身體老化的速度。 自然療法師會根據您身體的特定需要而制定個人化的治療計劃,從內到外助您延緩衰老。

IMI為你精心挑選最優質而可靠的臨床級營養保健品,每個配方的品質和純度都經過IMI專業治療師審查。 除了優質保健品外,我們的自然療法師亦會處方高效草藥來支持您的能量水平、免疫力和睡眠等。

我們的整骨治療師可以減輕您的疼痛,支持損傷復健和手術後的身體恢復,以伸展、按摩、 關節活動等方式來緩解緊張並糾正可能妨礙您身體健康的各種失調。


我們的輔導員和心理治療師可以為您提供情緒健康相關的治療,並為您提供一個安全的空間, 讓您放鬆地自由表達自己的情緒。


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