First aid: homeopathy for the home

Injuries occur when we least expect it! That’s why every household, especially those with children, should have a first aid kit. We have put together the most essential homeopathic remedies – they are safe, natural, and effective remedies the whole family can use.

Bruising, trauma or shock

Arnica Montana is the most important remedy to have at home. It can be used as a first aid remedy after any trauma or shock, especially if bruising is likely to follow. It can be used if your child falls, after a grazed knee, or even after a big fright. It is also very useful in speeding up healing after any surgery or procedure.

Fractures / eye Injury

Symphytum is a remedy that aids healing after a fracture. With an acute fracture, first use Arnica then follow with Symphytum as you head to the doctors, as well as after medical treatment. It can also be used for any injury around the eye as a result of a blow by a blunt object.

Sprains & strains

Ruta Graveolens is used following Arnica in cases of sprains and strains and will speed up healing.

Head injury

Nat Sulph is a remedy that can be used for any trauma to the head, e.g. falling out a tree or being hit in the head by a cupboard door.

Puncture wounds & bites

Ledum Palustre is a remedy for puncture wounds, from a nail, an insect sting or animal bite.

Apis mellifica is also a useful remedy for any insect bites or stings, or if there is stinging, itching and burning, and the area is red and swollen. It can be used for anything from mosquito to ant bites

Crushed fingers

Hypercium is a remedy for injuries to fingers, toes and nails.


Staphsagria is a remedy for clean cuts, such as an accident with a knife. It should be taken on the way to the doctor or hospital. Calendula is a remedy that is more useful for jagged and ragged wounds, and is also useful to take for wounds that are not healing well


Urtica Urens is a remedy that can be used for minor first-degree burns, such as touching a hot pot or boiling water. More serious burns that require medical attention try Causticum for second-degree burns and Cantharis for third- degree burns.


A dosage of 3 x 30c pellets / pills under the tongue every 2-3 hours for each remedy.

Where to buy

Homeopathic remedies are available from IMI dispensary

It is important that remedies are transported and stored carefully, and we give our commitment to uphold these standards at IMI.

If you would like more individualised advice for a prescribed remedy, we recommend that you book a consultation with one of our registered homeopaths.

Call 2523 7121 or fill in this enquiry e-form to make an appointment. 

In serious cases immediate medical attention is needed.

Homeopathy can be used to speed up healing after any medical treatment or surgery. In cases of – reflux, colic, and eczema, especially in babies and children – assessment and diagnosis by a qualified homeopath is recommended so that the correct remedy treatment is prescribed.

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