Food allergy and intolerance

Is the food you eat a causative factor in your condition?

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Food allergies and intolerances can significantly impact your quality of life.

A food allergy occurs when your immune system mistakes a harmless food for an invader and produces immunoglobulin E (IgE) antibodies in defence. These antibodies can cause an immediate allergic reaction that can be mild or severe in nature such as digestive problems, vomiting, hives, swollen airways, or even life-threatening anaphylactic shock. It’s important to know that an allergic food that causes mild symptoms on one occasion can cause severe symptoms at another time.

A food intolerance occurs when your body is sensitive to a particular food. Intolerances to food types like gluten and dairy, for example, can develop when your digestive system becomes damaged by factors including nutrient-poor diet, a nasty infection, high levels of stress and more.  When you eat a trigger food, your immune system produces IgG antibodies, which causes low-grade inflammation. The symptoms are often mild and can appear hours or even days after you’ve eaten a trigger food, which makes it harder to connect the dots.

At IMI, we’ve often observed that seemingly harmless foods are the culprits behind chronic health concerns, including fatigue, brain fog, low mood and more. Our industry-leading functional medicine laboratory tests can identify a wide range of food allergies and intolerances in adults and children to protect against health issues.

Test your allergy (IgE) reactions to 32 different environmental allergens and 28 food allergens commonly found in the Hong Kong environment and Asian/Western diets.

Cost: HK$1980


Protect your child by identifying their allergy (IgE) reactions to food allergens commonly found in children. These include cow’s milk, codfish, wheat, soybean, peanut and egg white. This blood test is suitable for children up to two years of age.

Cost: HK$960


Test your allergy (IgE) reactions to 32 food allergens commonly found in Asian and Western diets.

Cost: HK$1480


Test your IgG reactions to 133 foods commonly found in Asian, Western and Mediterranean diets. This highly comprehensive dried blood test (a quick and painless pin-prick test) can also detect Candida and yeast.

This test employs new and advanced technology known as Multiple Analyte Profiling (xMAP®), which offers superior sensitivity, specificity, precision and accuracy compared to traditional plate-based ELISA tests used by other food intolerance testing labs. With xMAP® technology, antigen-specific IgG antibodies are captured on multiplexed magnetic beads. This bead-based immunoassay allows for the simultaneous accurate detection of IgG antibodies to all 133 foods.

IMI found that the prior Great Plains Lab test had the best reproducibility in the marketplace – this new version offers even greater accuracy.

Cost: HK$2850 (package with 30mins consultation session)

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If you'd like to define your health profile, our team of naturopaths can help you identify which tests would be best based on your health needs.Alternatively, if you know the exact test you need, you can book it with one of our medical doctors.

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Traditional Chinese version 繁體中文版



當您的免疫系統將無害的食物誤認為是入侵者並產生免疫球蛋白E (IgE) 抗體作為防禦時,就會發生食物過敏。 這些抗體會立即引起輕微或嚴重的過敏反應,例如消化問題、嘔吐、蕁麻疹、氣道腫脹,甚至危及生命的過敏性休克。

當您的身體對特定食物敏感時,就會發生食物不耐受。 例如,當您的消化系統因營養不良的飲食、嚴重的感染、高水平的壓力等因素而受損時,就會出現對麩質和乳製品等食物的不耐受。 當您進食這些食物時,您的免疫系統會產生 IgG 抗體,從而導致低度炎症。 症狀通常很輕微,可能會在您吃了這些食物後數小時甚至數天後出現,令您更難將相關食物和敏感連結。 經常食用不耐受的食物會導致慢性腸易激綜合徵、濕疹、哮喘、關節炎疼痛、疲勞、偏頭痛、抑鬱、腦霧等。


測試您對香港環境和亞洲/西方飲食中常見的32種不同過敏原和28種食物過敏原的過敏(IgE) 反應。

價錢: HK$1980


通過識別對兒童常見的食物過敏原的過敏 (IgE) 反應來保護您的孩子。 這些包括牛奶、鱈魚、小麥、大豆、花生和蛋清。 此驗血測試適用於兩歲以下的小童。

價錢: HK$960


測試您對亞洲和西方飲食中常見的32種食物過敏原的過敏 (IgE) 反應。

價錢: HK$1480


測試您對亞洲、西方和地中海飲食中常見的133種食物的IgG反應。 這種高度全面的血液測試(一種快速無痛的針刺測試)還可以檢測大麻的存在,一種越來越常見的過敏性標誌物,以及念珠菌和酵母菌。

該測試採用了稱為多重分析物分析 (xMAP®) 的先進新技術,與其他食品不耐受測試實驗室使用的傳統測試相比,該技術具有卓越的靈敏度、特異性、精密度和準確度。 借助 xMAP® 技術,抗原特異性IgG抗體可被多重磁珠捕獲, 並可以同時準確檢測所有133種食物的IgG抗體,這個新版本提供了更高的準確性。

價錢: HK$2850 (package with 30mins consultation session)




如果您知道您所需要的確切測試,並且不需要治療計劃,您可以通過我們的醫生預訂所需的測試來開始。請致電2523 7121或填寫查詢電子表格


Simplified Chinese version 简体中文版



当您的免疫系统将无害的食物误认为是入侵者并产生免疫球蛋白E (IgE) 抗体作为防御时,就会发生食物过敏。这些抗体会立即引起轻微或严重的过敏反应,例如消化问题、呕吐、荨麻疹、气道肿胀,甚至危及生命的过敏性休克。

当您的身体对特定食物敏感时,就会发生食物不耐受。例如,当您的消化系统因营养不良的饮食、严重的感染、高水平的压力等因素而受损时,就会出现对麸质和乳制品等食物的不耐受。当您进食这些食物时,您的免疫系统会产生 IgG 抗体,从而导致低度炎症。症状通常很轻微,可能会在您吃了这些食物后数小时甚至数天后出现,令您更难将相关食物和敏感连结。经常食用不耐受的食物会导致慢性肠易激综合征、湿疹、哮喘、关节炎疼痛、疲劳、偏头痛、抑郁、脑雾等。


测试您对香港环境和亚洲/西方饮食中常见的32种不同过敏原和28种食物过敏原的过敏(IgE) 反应。

价钱: HK$1980


通过识别对儿童常见的食物过敏原的过敏 (IgE) 反应来保护您的孩子。这些包括牛奶、鳕鱼、小麦、大豆、花生和蛋清。此验血测试适用于两岁以下的小童。

价钱: HK$960


测试您对亚洲和西方饮食中常见的32种食物过敏原的过敏 (IgE) 反应。

价钱: HK$1480



该测试采用了称为多重分析物分析 (xMAP®) 的先进新技术,与其他食品不耐受测试实验室使用的传统测试相比,该技术具有卓越的灵敏度、特异性、精密度和准确度。借助 xMAP® 技术,抗原特异性IgG抗体可被多重磁珠捕获, 并可以同时准确检测所有133种食物的IgG抗体,这个新版本提供了更高的准确性。

价钱: HK$2850 (package with 30mins consultation session)




如果您知道您所需要的确切测试,并且不需要治疗计划,您可以通过我们的医生预订所需的测试来开始。请致电2523 7121或填写查询电子表格


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