Frozen shoulder

Do you have difficulty performing simple tasks like taking items off a shelf, or putting a bra on? If so, you may have a frozen shoulder.

The shoulder is made up of three bones that lock together to form a ball and socket joint. The four surrounding joints allow you a wide range of movement in your shoulder, but surrounding these joints is a band of tissue, which keeps everything together. This is called the shoulder capsule. 

Damage to the shoulder capsule can cause pain and limit motion, resulting in a frozen shoulder. There are many factors which can lead to this, but you don’t have to suffer in pain.

By working with our osteopaths or chiropractors, you can regain your full range of motion, pain free. 

Scar tissue and decreased lubrication in the shoulder joint can result in pain, stiffness and difficulty moving.

Your shoulder may feel more painful at night, making getting a good night’s sleep very difficult.

A frozen shoulder is usually triggered by an injury, such as a fracture or overuse. Due to the resulting pain, the person suffering either consciously or unconsciously limits their motion.

When the shoulder is immobilised, the connective tissue in the joint capsule thickens and shortens, making it tighter and more difficult to move. Bands of scar tissue can form around the joint, reducing lubrication which limits flexibility and movement.

Frozen shoulder may also be influenced by hormonal imbalances, compromised immunity, chronic stress and more.

Our treatment focuses on reducing your pain and helping you regain a normal range of movement.

The secret to recovery is undergoing physical therapy with one of our experienced osteopaths or chiropractors.

Firstly they’ll establish the original cause of your frozen shoulder in order to create the most effective treatment plan possible and relieve all your symptoms.

They’ll use therapeutic techniques to stretch your shoulder capsule, as well as strengthening your shoulder.

By stretching the joint capsule and using strengthening exercises, our practitioners ensure that your recovery lasts long-term

Those with frozen shoulder may also benefit from naturopathic treatment. Our naturopaths can integrate their work with that of osteopaths, chiropractors and acupuncturists to ensure you get the best holistic treatment possible.

Our aim, as always, is to restore your body’s wellness as quickly and sustainably as possible.

What’s next?

If you have a frozen shoulder, you don’t have to suffer in pain. We can help.

Bring your body back into balance with our osteopaths and chiropractors. Connect with us below, and we'll be in touch shortly.

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