One of the most common afflictions globally, we’re quick to dismiss this seemingly innocuous pain. But if a series of persistent headaches begin to interfere with your quality of life, it’s time to take action. 

Though they’re a common cause of pain, treating them effectively can be highly individual and complex. Not as simple as a couple of paracetamol. Luckily, our team is at hand to help you discover the root cause of your headaches and find sustainable ways of treating them.

It’s okay to reach for medication like paracetamol or ibuprofen for the occasional headache.

However, if you consistently use pain medication for longer than a couple of days at a time, you risk triggering a “rebound headache,” caused by the overuse of these medications. Paracetamol can also put your liver under extra stress while causing mental fogginess. 

By relying on medication, the cause of your headache is not addressed. If you pop pills regularly to fight headaches we recommend you speak with one of our naturopaths to explore its underlying cause.

Regain control over the pain. Don’t give it the power to affect your performance at work or infiltrate your home life.

Different headaches have different symptoms. 

Tension headaches are the most common type. They can last hours or days and cause the forehead, eyes, head or neck to ache. 

Recurrent headaches should be investigated further by a healthcare practitioner or your GP.

If you’re concerned about your headache, please mention this to your naturopath. They’ll be able to give you the support you need and refer you for further tests if needed. 

Stress, lack of sleep, allergies, environmental sensitivities, eye strain and blood pressure problems can all contribute.

Poor posture or stress-induced tension in the head, neck and shoulders may also be a factor.

Headaches can manifest due to hormonal imbalances. They may occur around menstruation or during the first trimester of pregnancy.

They may be associated with a cold or persistent coughing.

We can help you unearth the root cause of your headaches. By exploring your diet, nutrition profile, hormonal levels and lifestyle, as well as considering any structural factors, like posture and previous injury, we can build a better picture of why you might be experiencing recurrent headaches.

We'll create a personalised and effective treatment plan to relieve symptoms and reducing your chance of further headaches.

The type of headache you have will dictate the right treatment.

Naturopaths can run tests for allergies, hormone levels or other sensitivities.

Osteopathy and chiropractic can help treat those affected by structural factors.

Acupuncture may provide relief from stress, improve blood flow and re-establish a healthy flow of energy. TCM practitioners will be able to suggest complimentary Chinese herbs.

If your headache stems from an emotional source, you may find it helpful to speak with a psychologist.

What’s next?

If you suffer with headaches, we can help.

Find the support you need with our naturopaths. Connect with us below, and we'll be in touch shortly.

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