Our integrated healing approach:
 Seven pillars for your good health


Simple colds call for a simple cure, but chronic conditions call for more. We get it. The human body is a complex, interconnected system. Many factors within and around us, seemingly unrelated, are intimately connected. Our integrated healing approach looks at you as a whole person. Considering the seven pillars of your good health, we create holistic health plans to help you Heal. Balance. Evolve.

Mind: The power of the thinking and non-thinking mind for deeper healing

Our minds are continuously developing. From the moment we’re conceived, experiences and relationships create and mould our minds. Genetics has a role to play but it’s our world, nature, technological environment and, most importantly, our interpersonal relationships that influence our mind’s neural connections and growth, throughout our entirelife.

We all have a ‘thinking’ mind. It’s the part that’s rational throughout our daily interactions. We also have an ‘non-thinking’ mind – the part that processes typically non-verbal communication, impressions and instinctive responses in our body faster than we can think. Tucked away inside our non-thinking mind are our deepest memories. Some we’re conscious of. Some we’re not. Our temperatures rise, our stomachs sink, our heart rates rocket. We act. We feel. We think. But we don’t always know why.



Body: Harnessing your physical body’s natural healing ability

Your body is your vehicle for life. It is an intricately complex living machine that consists of 11 major organ systems: skin, muscular skeletal, nervous, circulatory, lymphatic, hormonal, urinary, excretary, digestive, reproductive and immune.

These organ systems help the body to move, think, protect itself and function. How well the body performs is dependent on how well these organs perform. When even one organ system falters, our health suffers. Coughs and colds. Skin issues. Thyroid deficiencies. Joint pains. Poor posture. Digestive problems. Sexual issues. Fertility challenges and more.

Multiple factors can hinder an organ system’s ability to perform. Our DNA can affect our organ systems. Lifestyle factors and behaviours like poor diet and nutrition, alcohol/tobacco use, exposure to environmental toxins, stress, poor sleep…



Emotions: The powerful bridge from your experiences to your mind

Fear. Anger. Sadness. Love. All felt by billions of people from around the world.

We come from different cultures, we speak different languages, yet we’re all connected by our capacity to feel each other’s emotions.

Our emotions are constantly communicating with us, sometimes through our body or gut feel and mostly through our brain and non-verbal parts of our minds. Often, they’re giving us important insight and cues. Listen to them. Feel them. And find ways to express them.

Whether we express them or not, our internal emotional state is often revealed through our non-verbal cues and behaviour. Often, they’re communicated faster than we can think.



Energy: Vital and subtle energy that flows through each organ and system of the body

Sometimeswe feel off balance but we’re not sure why. We feel fatigued, frustrated or unable to focus. Or, we feel sad and unsettled for no obvious reason. It may be that our vital energy is out of balance.

Call it Chi, Qi, Prana, or Ruah – our vital energy is the subtle energy force that flows through and around our body at all times, promoting health and harmony. When it is in balance, we feel calm, confident, and in control. We experience strong physical health and we find it easy to fight off sicknesses and bounce back after an injury. But physical and emotional blockages like grief or illness, can deplete our vital energy or cause it to become stagnant, impacting our emotional, mental and physical wellness. Lethargy. Negative thoughts. Aches and pain. Poor appetite. Digestive issues. Mood swings and more.



Spirit: Your soul’s unique connection to a source of healing

We respect spirituality is personal. What does spirit mean to you? Some people find spirituality through religion. Some find it through the arts, sports, voluntary work or a connection with nature. Others find it in their values.Your spirituality, your soul is yours.

Our chosen spiritual practices cultivate awareness. A sense of purpose and meaning to our lives greater than ourselves. A steady mind and a peaceful heart. They balance our inner needs with the needs of others and the world. At peace within, and aware of our connection with each other, we’re inclined to demonstrate more kindness, compassion and wisdom.

But when the malaise of modern life squeezes spirituality out of our lives, when the daily grind upsets our rhythm and inner stability, we lose our awareness and sense of purpose. We lose our inner peace. We feel disconnected within and with those around us.



Community: A strong sense of belonging and a good support network

We need to belong. To one another. To our friends and families. To our culture. To our country. To our world. Belonging is fundamental to our mind, emotions and physical wellbeing.

When we belong to a community, we laugh together and we cry together. We share our joys and our modern-day struggles.

Often, we belong to different communities to support our different needs. Personal. Professional. Spiritual. Life circumstances. Interests. We may be introverts seeking the support of a handful of close friends and family members. Or, extroverts connected to multiple people to meet our social and emotional needs.



Environment: our daily struggle against toxins, stressors, and lifestyle habits

The food we eat. The products we use. The people we connect with and the people we don’t. The city in which we live, learn, work and play. We’re constantly bombarded by environmental factors affecting our health and wellbeing.

For all its beauty, Hong Kong can be highly toxic. Daily, we’re contending with air pollution, noise pollution, and technology pollution. We’re constantly exposed to free radicals, heavy metals, and stress. Inside our homes, toxins lurk inside our food and water. Our skincare potions and lotions. Our home cleaning products.

The city’s frenetic pace of work and life means we lose our connection with nature. We miss out on time in the sun, strolls by the beach, and hikes up hilly paths.



What to do next

Temporary CTA text: If you would like to see one of our naturopathic practitioners, simply call 2523 7121 or fill in the enquiry e-form below.

What to do next

Temporary CTA text: If you would like to see one of our naturopathic practitioners, simply call 2523 7121 or fill in the enquiry e-form below.

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