Though typical in children, bedwetting can continue, or occur in adulthood. There can be both psychological and physical reasons for bedwetting, and often, it runs in the family.

Adults in particular may feel shame for bedwetting, but it’s important to inform your healthcare practitioner of any bedwetting in order to rule out any issues that may need addressing.

Stress and anxiety can cause bedwetting in adults and children alike.

Physical causes of bedwetting include having a small bladder, overactive bladder muscles, hormonal imbalances, sleep apnoea, UTIs and prostate gland enlargement.

Another big cause of bedwetting is food intolerance – as this can cause inflammation and irritable bladder.

Neurological conditions, like spinal cord problems or being post-stroke can lead to wetting the bed.

Underlying health concerns like constipation or diabetes can also cause bedwetting.

We can test your hormone levels to identify whether bedwetting is caused by imbalances. We can also test for food intolerance.

If you’re concerned about your or your child’s mental health, our counsellors and psychotherapists can help you with tools to manage stress levels and create new coping mechanisms.

We recommend you rule out physical causes for bedwetting with our naturopaths first.

What’s next?

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