We can help you with a detox.

We would suggest that you start by booking a consultation with one of our naturopaths, osteopaths or an acupuncture practitioner.  A naturopath practices from a functional medicine approach, and so can recommend appropriate diagnostic testing if needed.

Call 2523 7121 or fill in this enquiry e-form to make an appointment.

If you are unsure who to make an appointment with, fill in this IHA e-form and our integral health advisor will be able to signpost you to the most appropriate practitioner and treatment.

IMI clinical detox programme led by a naturopath:

Clinical detox

Tailored to your needs, IMI's naturopathic detox programmes are designed to nourish your system with the right nutrients so you can detoxify properly.

Articles, blogs, videos and resources:

The most amazing antioxidant and detoxifier: sulforaphane in broccoli seed extract

According to the National Academy of Science, broccoli and broccoli sprouts contain the largest amounts of glucosinolates and sulforaphane, which are potent inducers of enzymes that protect against chemical carcinogens and involve in liver detoxification. In its raw form, broccoli has a substance called myrosinase inside it, which converts to...

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