We can help you with a detox.

We would suggest that you start by booking a consultation with one of our naturopaths, osteopaths or an acupuncture practitioner.  A naturopath practices from a functional medicine approach, and so can recommend appropriate diagnostic testing if needed.

Call 2523 7121 or fill in this enquiry e-form to make an appointment.

If you are unsure who to make an appointment with, fill in this IHA e-form and our Integral Health Advisor will be able to signpost you to the most appropriate practitioner and treatment.

IMI Clinical Detox Program led by Naturopath:

Clinical Detox (former 10-day Detox for Busy People)

Cleanse your body and mind with our nourishing naturopathic detox programme Create an at-home detox retreat or continue to work as you detox. Formerly known as IMI’s 10-day detox for busy people, our naturopathic detox programme is designed to maintain your energy levels and nourish your system with the right...

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