Food intolerances

From the changing nutritional value of soil to new farming practices, the chemical structure of our food is different.

As a result, we’re seeing a rise in food intolerances. And these sensitivities are considered a major causative factor in disease.

In response to a food your body is intolerant to, you’ll produce IgG antibodies. These linger in the body for longer, which is why intolerances sometimes cause delayed symptoms.

Food intolerance (or sensitivity) is caused by your immune response. It’s often a delayed response, which can make it hard to identify.

Digestive symptoms include diarrhoea, gas, nausea, abdominal pain, heartburn and bloating.

Other symptoms include fatigue; headaches and migraines; skin conditions like acne or rashes; sleeping problems; weight gain; a blocked nose; behavioural changes; depression; hyperactivity.

If left unchecked, food intolerances can cause leaky gut, which in turn can cause more problems, or exacerbate existing ones.

A key cause of food intolerance is your gut health. Overgrowth of candida and leaky gut are two key causes of intolerance.

Environmental factors like air pollution, antibiotics and stress can increase our risk for food intolerance.

When you eat a food you’re sensitive to, your body creates excess antibodies to target the food that it doesn’t recognise.

Our simple blood tests can identify if you’re sensitive to something you’re eating. They accurately measure your IgG response to over 190 foods commonly found in Asian, Western and Mediterranean diets.

This test can also detect hemp (which can indicate an allergy) candida (which can cause intolerances and allergens) and yeast.

Our naturopaths can help identify what’s causing your food intolerance, whether it’s exposure to pollutants or gut health.

Based on your symptoms budget and medical history, they can assess which tests are right for you.

Based on the results of your assessment and any necessary testing, our naturopaths can put together a personalised treatment plan to remedy your sensitivity.

What’s next?

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