Sports Injuries

Don’t let sports injuries stop you in your tracks.

Whether you’re an amateur or an elite professional, sports injuries, osteopathy supports deep healing in order to accelerate recovery time and reduce pain, while uncovering any underlying problem areas which may have contributed to your injury.

If not treated properly, injuries can cause areas of weakness in our bodies, leading to re-injury. Our osteopaths work with you to heal and strengthen the area and its supporting structures, for sustainable healing.

  • Sprains: muscle and tendon strain; joint sprains: ankles, knees, wrists, shoulders, hips; back muscle sprain and more
  • Neck pain: trapezius strain, cervical sprain
  • Joint dislocation and subluxation (partial dislocation)
  • Shoulder pain: rotator cuff injury and shoulder impingement syndrome
  • Elbow pain
  • Knee injuries
  • Shin splints
  • Heel pain

While the reasons for injuries will vary case to case, there are common causes which can lead to sporting injuries.

Frequently sport injuries are caused by prior accidents which lead to weaknesses in that area. This could be as simple as a twisted ankle, or something as serious as a dislocation.

Weaknesses in the areas surrounding your injury can cause accidents, if this is the case, our osteopaths can work with you in order to strengthen and condition the surrounding muscles.

Improper form, not taking the time to warm up properly, or pushing your body at a pace to which it is not suited can cause injuries. We can work with you to improve your understanding of your body.

Our osteopaths carry out a comprehensive assessment to diagnose the current problem, determine your history of past injuries, any underlying imbalances of the spine and lifestyle factors. This is so an effective treatment, recovery strategy and injury prevention plan can be given.

Our osteopaths work to re-establish your body’s structural integrity and function, relieve muscle tension and improve blood supply to the tissues throughout the body.

They use soft tissue techniques, manipulation, joint mobilization and stretching, whilst some include subtler techniques, such as cranial and visceral methods. This can improve the functioning of the internal organs, energy flow and the structural integrity of the entire body.

As well as healing sports injuries, our osteopaths reduce your likelihood of becoming injured again. Using their well-developed skills of joint palpation and thorough knowledge of the body, they can identify areas of your body that aren’t performing optimally, spot signs of imbalance early and release restrictions to prevent reinjury.

Our osteopaths are also able to improve your performance and training potential- whether you’re into competitive running, or at-home yoga. Our osteopaths have worked with athletes at professional and Olympic levels across sports such as swimming, dancing, cycling and triathlons to enhance their performance.

What’s next?

If you have a sports injury, we can help.

Bring your body back into balance with our osteopaths and chiropractors. Connect with us below, and we'll be in touch shortly.

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