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Are you looking for a natural remedy to boost your immunity? A vitamin or supplement to reduce stress? An herbal remedy to boost your energy levels and improve sleep? Or perhaps a natural solution for your aches and pains? At IMI, we stock an extensive range of highest-quality supplements, vitamins, and homeopathic remedies. These are clinical-grade and practitioner-recommended supplement, and we work hard to source the best from around the world so you don’t have to. We have potent herbs, tinctures, and botanicals, prepared and customised to your individual health needs.

At our health shop you can find supplements, vitamins, minerals, and other health products – all powerful and pure. We also stock organic foods and healthy snacks as well as organic skin and beauty products.

Our products are:

  • Free from contaminants and allergens such as artificial colourings, flavourings and chemical preservatives.
  • Stored in a temperature and humidity-controlled warehouse to protect potency and purity giving you the full range of active ingredients promised on the label.
  • Delivered to our dispensary in a properly maintained airfreight environment.
  • Fortified with government approval and proper labelling according to the Department of Health and Food and Hygiene Department.

Some products are by prescription only, others are available over-the-counter or online.

For more carefully-curated goodness, IMI’s health shop and boutique has a wide range of products to support healthy living: crystals, essential oils, books, toxin free household cleaners and more. All high-quality. All practitioner-recommended. Browse and buy from our products section or visit our Dispensary and Shop for customised advice.

Prescription preparation and collection:

Unlike pharmaceutical medications, herbal tinctures, Chinese herbs, homeopathics and remedies are customised to your specific needs and are freshly prepared on site. They are also cross-checked by two dispensary specialists. Both of these processes takes longer. Please allow time to wait for this, or talk to our dispensary about when they will be ready for you collect at your convenience.

Last minute shopping. Work parties and regretful hangovers. The obligatory Christmas cold.

All horrors of a Christmas past, thanks to IMI.

Whether you’re wishing for a sniffle and stress free holiday, or you’re in need of some indulgent stocking fillers, we’ve got discounts that are sure to put the ‘merry’ back in Christmas.

All you’ll have to do is the turkey.

*Over-the-counter supplements only.

Party Survival Kit

Will your liver be crying out for a detox by the time 2020 rolls around? With these supplements, there’ll be no need for a Dry January. Give your mind and body the nourishment they deserve.

Liver Support gives a helping hand to remove toxins, while Magnesium Glycinate supports recuperative sleep and boosts energy. B Complex to help you maintain your usual disposition and assist in alleviating anxiety when the party leaves you feeling a little stressed.

Save a huge HK$160!

Beat the Holiday Stress Kit

Christmas shopping. Stressful travel. Relatives coming to stay. Without a hoard of elves to help, Christmas can be difficult manage, but these supplements give you the helping hand you need during busy times.

Banish your inner Scrooge with these 3 potent supplements. It’s time to put your party hat back on.

Sereni-pro: to assist in calming the mind and tucking you in for a restful sleep. C Complete powder supports you in coping with stressful times and gives immunity a needed boost. Feel festive with our fish oil, able to help alleviate anxiety and lift Christmas spirits.

Enjoy HK$135 off!

Immunity Booster Kit

Christmas colds, conquered. Rudolph should be the only one with a red nose this December. Make the holiday what it should be: sniffle-free.

Enhance the body’s natural immune defences with our Immunity boosting kit. Viracon to enhance the body’s natural immune defences and reduce symptoms, severity and duration of your cold. C Complete Powder to alleviate anxiety, boost immunity and fortify the respiratory system. Klaire Labs’ Therbiotic is an essential for those travelling over Christmas (Santa included) and helps bolster immunity, lift mood and promote good gut health.

Save HK$142!

Christmas Stocking Fillers

Enjoy temptation, without feeling guilty. Our dispensary has delicious, but healthy stocking filler snacks, as well as toiletries and free luxury items to make your loved ones feel pampered this Christmas. Available in-store only.

Save HK$163 when you buy this bundle

Wishing you all the gift of better wellbeing this Christmas, 

The team at IMI

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