IMI healthy rewards terms & conditions

Terms and conditions

1. General healthy rewards conditions

1.1 The Healthy Rewards program/Club is free to join.

1.2 You may only have one (1) Healthy Rewards account that is personal to you.

1.3 IMI will suspend and/or terminate your account and/or your participation in Healthy Rewards if we determine in our sole discretion that you have violated these Terms of Use, you have more than one (1) account, or that the use of your account is unauthorized, deceptive, fraudulent or otherwise unlawful. In the event that your participation in Healthy Rewards is terminated, all accumulated points in your account are void.

1.4 IMI may, in its sole discretion, suspend, cancel or combine accounts that appear to be duplicative.

1.5 IMI also reserves the right to “unregister” and make ineligible for the Healthy Rewards program any account that has been inactive for two (2) consecutive years. Inactive is defined as no points earned. In the event that your account is unregistered or rendered inactive, then all accumulated points in your account are void.

1.6 Without notice to you, IMI reserves the right to review and make changes to the terms set out in the table of.

2. Collecting healthy rewards points

2.1 In-clinic and online, you are entitled to collect 1 point for every $50 you spend on qualifying purchases across the entire IMI range including supplements, vitamins and remedies, consultations and treatments, functional medicine laboratory tests, snacks and food items, body and skin care items, lifestyle products, air filters and water purifiers, and gift certificates.

2.2 Points are not available on certain products and services.

2.3 Points accumulated under the program relate to expenditure at IMI and have no cash value.

2.4 Your points registered under Healthy Rewards are personal to you and may not be sold, transferred or assigned to, or shared with, extended family, friends or others, or used by you for any commercial purpose.

2.5 After shopping in-clinic, your receipt will include your Healthy Rewards points statement. Alternatively, please ask our Client Service or Dispensary Advisors to check your points balance when you visit IMI.

2.6 After shopping online on IMI Supplements Online (, your points will automatically be uploaded to your account within ten working days of your products being dispatched.

2.7 IMI reserves the right to substitute and remove products and services available for points collection in-clinic and online without notice.

3. Spending healthy rewards discounts

3.1 Your membership status (Amethyst, Jade, Sapphire, and Diamond) and corresponding discount (0%, 5%, 7.15%, and 10%) are dependent on the total number of points accumulated over a 12-month period, commencing from the date of joining the Healthy Rewards Club or from the date of being upgraded to a new status level.

3.2 At the 12-month mark, you will be notified of your membership status. If you have not accumulated adequate points to maintain your membership status, all accumulated points will expire and your membership will be downgraded to the applicable tier.

3.3 Upon confirmation of your membership status, you are entitled to discounts on over-the-counter supplements, body and skin care items, snacks and food items, and lifestyle and natural household products.

3.4 Discounts do not apply to consultations, prescription products, functional medicine tests, gift certificates, bag levy and online purchases.

3.5 IMI reserves the right to substitute or remove products and services available for membership discount in-clinic and online without notice.

4. Returning goods

4.1 If you return a product for a refund, we will deduct the number of points collected from your Healthy Rewards account.

5. Data protection

5.1 IMI is committed to your privacy. We will always keep your personal information strictly confidential. It will not be sold, re-used, rented, loaned or otherwise disclosed. As a Healthy Rewards member, you will receive our Wellness Insider. We will send you marketing materials only if you have given us your consent.

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